"Zombie Farm": built in the game

Buildings in "Zombie Farm" - this is the fundamentalThe element on which the whole process is based. You collect resources, create a structure that produces you other resources or provides other opportunities, such as traveling to other locations. Initially, the game was not so many buildings and structures that were available to users. But over time, the situation changed, and when the project gained momentum, developers began to add more and more new objects, which each time more and more please the players with their unusual appearance, as well as the benefits that they bring. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the buildings and structures that Zombie Farm offers in its latest update. Buildings have appeared the most various, them it is a lot of, therefore it is necessary to allocate the most interesting and key which necessarily will like any player.

Travel to the island of Nescafe

zombie farm built

Apparently, the "Zombie Farm" has a newthe sponsor is the company Nescafe, so in the game now you will also meet buildings and objects that have a certain relation to this brand. So how did this cooperation affect the game "Zombie Farm"? The buildings that were present in the project earlier did not change in any way. But among the new, you can identify several, which definitely advertise this product. Moreover, you will find a new location, which bears the name of this brand. But how to get there? Very simple - you need to build a special sailing vessel, which is called "3 in 1". It was he who was added with the latest update. As with most buildings, the sailboat is built in three stages and requires different resources to complete. But in return you get a ready route to a new location, and it will bring you many useful resources and items. This is guaranteed to you by the creators of the game "Zombie Farm". The buildings connected with Nescafe do not end here.

Bowler "Nescafe"

Zombie Farm Tower Building

As already mentioned, the cooperation of thisgames with "Nescafe" did not go unnoticed. In addition to the new location, as well as a sailboat where you can get there, there were other thematic objects in the game "Zombie Farm". Buildings are no different from classic. In addition, that they have logos and inscriptions that are characteristic of this brand of coffee. Another thing that is worth mentioning is a bowler in which you can make coffee. Naturally, the brand of coffee - "Nescafe", that is, the game appeared and other items that are relevant to this brand. So, you can make special stickers with a soluble drink from coffee and cream or caramel. And then in the same pot, turn this stick, combined with water, into a mug of hot coffee. This is the essence of this building in the game "Zombie Farm". The tower is a building that looks more impressive, but it does not have much more functionality than the Nescafe. Therefore, do not judge the subject by its appearance - the bowler will bring you a lot of benefits and invigorating coffee.

The Nemosphere

stages of buildings in a zombie farm

Stages of buildings in the "Zombie Farm" - is a separatea question that requires consideration. In most cases, you need to collect three different portions of resources, since the construction takes place in three stages. But some buildings can be created and faster, that is, for example, in two stages. To such constructions the novelty in "the Zombie the Farm" - an atmosphere also concerns. Like a sailboat, the atmosphere does not produce any resources or objects, but it allows you to go to a new location, namely an island called the Rocky Reef. However, here it is worth noting that you do not need to spend resources, even on two stages of construction, as this item will be obtained when you pass the quest "Memory". Therefore, you can decide whether you want to speed up your trip to a new location, or better wait, but save some resources, which is very important in the game "Zombie Farm". Buildings of the island, of course, will bring you a lot of benefits, but do not rush, because there is no time limit in the game.

Rescue schooner

zombie farm built islands

The last update will be remembered for players by the fact thatin it there were many new designs that lead to new locations. Such buildings in the game "Zombie Farm" are very important, as they give players a sense of freedom, and also expand the space of their activities. And, of course, this is the very diversity that many similar projects lack. So, the Rescue schooner can be built in three stages (or as a reward for completing the Quest quest). As a result, you will have access to a new location - an island that is called "Lost." As you can see, for today there is quite an impressive number of locations in the game "Zombie Farm". The secrets of buildings now consist in the fact that you can not create them - you can take any quest and execute it to get this schooner or the same neemoferu. No one hurries you, and if you competently plan your expenses, you will be able to develop much faster.

The Zombatid Gate

built in the game zombie farm

This update is characterized by an abundance of newroutes leading to the original locations added to the game "Zombie Farm". Emerald buildings are also renewed, but not in such large quantities. The new route is opened, for example, by the Gate of the Zombatid, which you can build only at the thirty-fifth level, and they can lead you from the Rocky reef to the Cave of Truth. What is really worth wasting time and money, because this is not the end of this exciting and profitable route, which you can now travel.


zombie farm house secrets

However, when traveling to the Cave of Truth, one must bebe more careful, since there is no direct exit from there. Unlike the Nemosphere, which allows the user to travel to the Rocky Reef and back, the Zombatid Gate offers you only a way into the Cave. And from there you will be led to the Rocky Reef by a new construction, the Rift. Therefore, when you realize that it is impossible to return through the Zombatida Gate, you should not panic-you better find the same Cleft that will return you though not home, but to a location with which you can already get to your home farm.

House of Ghosts

Zombie Farm Emerald Buildings

One of the most interesting buildings in the newUpdates are the House of Ghosts. You do not need to spend any resources on its construction. Instead, you will have to populate it with drums - special creatures that appeared in the game only to Halloween. So, the principle of action is quite simple - the more friends you have, the more profit you will get from your Ghost House. Friends visit you and leave you there barabashki, which live for twelve hours. It is very important to catch a peak moment when you have the most drums, and they have not started to disappear yet - then you need to convert this structure, which will turn into a valuable gift. The value of this gift directly depends on how many drums were in the House of Redemption at the time of the transformation.


Another design added to the game toHalloween is Batyplan. This is a new vehicle that gives you access to a location called the Crystal Grotto. You can usually build an object in three stages, spending a certain amount of resources, but you can also get it by completing the appropriate quest. It has a completely speaking name - "Halloween 2014", but is only one of the set that was added in the latest updates. So you can consider doing other parts, assess what awards they can bring to you, and how this can help the development of your farm. Naturally, this is not all the buildings that have been added to the game - these are only the most interesting, important and fresh, that is, they are not more than two months old. So go explore the mysterious world of "Zombie Farms" yourself to find out what other buildings are waiting for you there, what they will give you or where they will lead.

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