Zamioculcas or dollar tree. Home care

Under the bizarre and rather unusual name "Zamiokulkas" hides a dollar tree plant known to many of us. Home care is quite simple and requires special knowledge, so this indoor flower has become a real favorite of gardeners. The African guest takes pride of place on the window-sills and decorates the interior with its rich dark greens. The flower is also called "women's happiness", so superstitious people buy it in order to attract happiness and wealth to the house.

dollar tree care at homePlant description

Glossy dark green leaves, growing directly from the tuberous roots, split into feathers along the entire length. The latter are small, rounded regular and of the same shape. And the leaves grow to a length of 1 m. The root is similar to a tuber in which an adequate supply of water is stored. Rarely blooms pale cream spathe on a short peduncle. This is what Zamiokulkas looks like.The dollar tree blooms only in old age, the young representatives please only with their beautiful foliage.

Lighting Requirements

Zamioculkas is ready to swim in the sun, he likes good lighting, so it is recommended to keep the flower at all seasons of the year on the south windows. Despite this, the summer heat can be disastrous for its leaves. It is best to cover it from the scorching sun with paper or a thin cloth, making ambient lighting. If overheated, a dollar tree can burn the leaves. Care at home suggests that you can not immediately put a new plant on the south window after purchase, you need to let it get used to direct sunlight. To rearrange the indoor flower should always be approached with caution.

zamiokulkas dollar treeTemperature

The heat for the plant is absolutely unscary, because a dollar tree has come to us from Africa itself. Home care presupposes the maintenance of a indoor flower in the summer at rates up to 25 ° С. In winter, zamiokulkas prefers coolness, so it can be taken out on a glazed loggia or balcony, where the temperature does not fall below 12-16 ° C.


There is no dollar tree for specific requirements. Care at home is completely uncomplicated, because the plant feels great even with dry air, it is often not necessary to water it. From time to time the leaves can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove loose dust. In summer, watering should be moderate, as the top layer of the earth dries. In winter, it is necessary to water only after the substrate has completely dried. Over-watering doesn’t like room flower; roots can begin to rot from excess water.

dollar tree transplantTransfer

In one pot up to 4 years old there can be a dollar tree. Transplanting is done only as needed, when a flower grows out of a pot, it slows growth or stops at all. To do this procedure yourself is quite problematic, because one person must hold the foliage, and the other - gently pull the root out of the ground. Large copies are very difficult to replant, because their leaves are separated and can easily break. In the new pot you need to put in advance the drainage and pour the substrate consisting of forest, garden, garden soil and sand.Fertilizers need to be made only in the period from spring to autumn 1 time per month.

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