Wild strawberry: useful properties and contraindications

Each of us knows what happiness it is to admire the strawberry glade, densely strewn with red triangles of berries, inhale the smell of wet rain and steaming earth, blinks from the bright reflections of the sun on the leaves strewn with dew. These summer fruits are not only fragrant, beautiful and tasty, but also have a very positive effect on human health. To improve the general condition of the body, in the treatment of already existing diseases and even for cosmetic purposes, wild strawberry is used, whose beneficial properties and contraindications are described in this article.

Plant characteristic

Strawberries - a perennial plant that belongs to the family of pink. It blooms throughout the summer, although in particularly warm climatic zones future berries are knotted already in late April or early May. The process of their ripening continues until autumn. Even in August, blooming meadows of fragrant strawberries can be found in the thick of the forest.As for the collection, it usually begins in June. And even in September, you can meet on the edge of the people carrying in a basket a whole mountain of scarlet delicacy.

wild strawberry useful propertiesForest strawberries, whose ancestors valued our ancestors in ancient times, love to grow in western Siberia and in the European region of Russia. It has a very obstinate "character": sometimes you can come across whole placers of ruby ​​berries and in one sitting gather up a full basket, but it happens that you have to search for it for a long time, looking into the darkest and darkest nooks of the summer forest. Usually strawberries are located on the edges, in the midst of shrubs, on the slopes of roads, glades and meadows. Abundant growth is also observed in the area of ​​logging and forest fires.

Main components

Five petals in a white flower, the middle of which is decorated with a yellow heart, similar to the sun, - this is what forest strawberries look like. We know the useful properties of the berries firsthand, so we try to stock up on a healing product for the whole winter, preparing jams and jams from it and just freezing it in the freezer. In addition to a small flower, located on a long leg,and subsequently located in its place scarlet fruit, the plant also has green leaves. Their shape is diamond-shaped or oval, the structure is complex.

wild strawberry useful properties and contraindicationsStrawberry vegetative shoots - they are “mustaches” - spread throughout the earth. Due to their rapid growth, they often seize vast areas of land. Having taken root themselves, they form knots of leaves, from which young shoots rush up to meet the sun. The height of each of them reaches 25 centimeters. An interesting fact is that different types of berries have their own color shade, taste, and even an individual flavor. Despite the fact that wild strawberry is rather small, it is very fragrant, tasty and healthy.

Composition and calorie

Useful properties of wild strawberry are in the presence in its fruits and leaves of a whole set of vitamins and trace elements. For example, there is two times more iron in it than in the sink. For the same characteristics, it is 40 times more useful and nutritious than grapes. Strawberries - the leader among the berries on the content of calcium, there are a lot of manganese, zinc and copper, which, together with iron, normalize the blood and hemoglobin level.Among the vitamins, it is primarily C, as well as B1, B2, B6, P, K, and E.

useful properties of wild strawberryIn addition, strawberries contain a lot of potassium, carotene, cobalt, pectins, tannins and essential oils. The berries contain beneficial sugars, organic acids: citric, malic, salicylic and pantothenic. The leaves have flavonoids, alkaloids and a whole storehouse of ascorbic acid. Low-calorie fruits, therefore, are often used in the diet. 100 grams of the product contains only 32 kcal. It should be remembered that strawberry jam is quite nutritious. Its caloric content is 220 kcal.

Berry properties

It quenches thirst, improves appetite and contributes to excellent digestion - and this is not all the characteristics with which wild strawberry is endowed. The beneficial properties of the berries help with chronic constipation, under their influence the metabolism and water-salt balance is restored. Fresh berries can lower blood sugar levels, so diabetics are advised to include the product in their daily diet. Due to the high content of vitamins and microelements in the fruit, strawberries are especially useful for the elderly and young children.

For the same reason, expectant mothers need wild strawberry. Useful properties for pregnant women can not be overemphasized: the berries contain a large amount of folic acid, which takes an active part in protein metabolism and the synthesis of nucleic acids. And this, in turn, affects cell division, the process of their growth, which is very important for the normal development of the fetus in the womb. It happens that strawberries cause an allergic reaction. In this case, doctors advise to eat berries, drenched in milk - this product perfectly neutralizes the action of the stimulus.

Treatment of diseases

Strawberries very well cleanses the blood and intestines. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in liver diseases. In these cases, the doctor may even prescribe a strawberry diet: during the week, 1.5 kg of fruit every day. In addition, summer berries increase immunity, so they are used for colds, flu and even asthma. Broths made from leaves and pulp, rinse the throat with angina, laryngitis, pharyngitis, they also eliminate the unpleasant smell from the mouth.
wild strawberry useful properties of berries and leavesThe beneficial properties of wild strawberry are indispensable for chronic kidney diseases, gallstone disease, gout, anemia, atherosclerosis.In combination with drugs, fruits help to solve problems with the bladder and spleen, as well as the digestive system. Berries can cope with gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. They reduce pressure, normalize the state of the blood vessels and the work of the heart. With the help of strawberries can be treated inflammation, skin rashes. It will provide an invaluable service for jaundice, rickets and uterine bleeding.

The benefits of leaflets

Do not forget that for the treatment of diseases they use not only fruits, but also all other parts of the plant. For example, leaves of wild strawberry: the beneficial properties of this part of the plant are similar to those possessed by berries. The only difference is in the way of using the product. If children and adults are happy to burst the sweet fruit freshly or they cook delicious jam from them, then the green leaves will be an excellent basis for a healthy and nutritious tea. It is simple to prepare: two tablespoons of crushed leaves are poured with a glass of boiling water, boiled for 5 minutes in a water bath and left for 3 hours in a dark place. This tea improves metabolism, removes salt and increases the protective functions of the body.

If the leaves of strawberry to attach to the affected skin, they will help her return to a healthy and beautiful look.Indeed, in addition to the wound healing and anesthetic properties, they also have a cosmetic effect. Therefore, this tea is washed face, neck and hands. By the way, in addition to the fruits and leaves in folk medicine, the rhizomes of the plant are also used. Decoction based on them helps with diarrhea, internal bleeding, tuberculosis, as well as kidney and liver diseases.


Despite the fact that these two concepts have long become synonymous - wild strawberry, useful properties - and this berry can bring harm to the body. The main factor is the individual intolerance of the product. Very often, its use provokes the development of allergic reactions, especially in young children, therefore in such cases it is better to refuse fruits. To check the body's reaction to strawberries, you should rub a piece of skin with its pulp: if you have a rash, redness or itching, you should not risk it.

wild strawberry how to save useful propertiesIn addition, the presence in the diet of large quantities of strawberries can cause stomach problems, especially in those people who suffer from acidity or ulcers. In the period of acute illness berries use categoricallyforbidden. Many people do not tolerate fruits on an empty stomach, so it is best to eat them after the main meal as a dessert. Do not forget that in each case the wild strawberry acts differently: the beneficial properties and contraindications depend on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Application in cosmetology

Berries are used not only inside but also externally. For example, they help us keep the skin young. The vitamins C and E contained in the pulp are natural antioxidants, therefore they slow down the aging processes in the cells. In addition, strawberries have a whitening effect, it is able to remove age spots and freckles, it is often used by women who have a dull complexion. Strawberry masks align the tone of the epidermis and update it, eliminating old and dead cells. This improves skin tone, its elasticity.

Young ladies wild strawberry helps to look younger and more attractive: the useful properties of the product are best manifested in the mask. You can make it from several berries, pounded to a state of mashed potatoes. If the skin is dry, the pulp is mixed with yolk or sour cream, when oily - diluted with honey and kefir.The mixture is applied in a thin layer on the face, aged for 15 minutes and rinsed with cool water. After the procedure, you should apply the cream recommended for your type of face.

Collecting and harvesting

A special approach requires wild strawberry. The beneficial properties of berries and leaves are preserved to the maximum if certain rules are followed when collecting and harvesting for the winter. First, ripe fruits need to be torn in the evening or in the morning after the dew has descended. The thing is that the water-soaked berries or those that have been gathered under the hot sun quickly deteriorate. Fresh, they are stored for long, so immediately after you bring them out of the forest, dry. For 5 hours, let them lie down in the sun so that the liquid accumulated inside can evaporate under the action of ultraviolet light. After that, put the strawberries in a special dryer or oven: at a temperature of 60º, keep the fruit there until the state of flowability. In this form they will be stored for 2 years.

wild strawberry useful properties of berriesSecondly, to prepare the leaves, it is enough to carefully cut them with scissors, while the remainder of the petiole in length should not exceed one centimeter. They are also dried in the sun, spread on a thin layer of fabric, sometimes mixing. In dryers, they should be processed at 45º Celsius.Check the readiness of raw materials is simple: if the petioles break, the leaves are considered sufficiently dried.

How to store?

Remember that at room temperature berries are stored no more than a day, in the refrigerator - about a week. Therefore, if you are not going to eat the crop immediately, the ideal option would be to freeze it. Before putting the fruits in the freezer, rinse them thoroughly, remove the roots, fold them into a colander to remove excess liquid, and then distribute them into separate clean bags. Thawing berries need at room temperature: so you save her flesh and healthy substances. Also strawberries make very tasty jams and preserves. You can cook these delicacies. If you do not want to destroy vitamins and trace elements by heat treatment, mix the berries with honey. In this form, they will remain intact and safe for a long period.

What to do to ensure that the harvested wild strawberries remain usable for as long as possible? How to preserve the beneficial properties of fresh fruit? When picking, first of all, do not throw them in the same basket with other berries.Strawberries are very tender and other fruits can mash them pretty. Also, the berry is better to collect in a wide and low capacity, then, if possible, immediately put them in the refrigerator.

Strawberry recipes

We offer several options for decoctions, the main component of which is wild strawberry. The beneficial properties of the fruit can cope with diseases of the liver, kidneys and bladder. To do this, three tablespoons of dried leaves and four spoons of berries pour two cups of boiling water. Insist in a thermos for 40 minutes. Drink half an hour before meals - half a cup 3 times a day. To cure skin eczema, inflammation of the epidermis and hemorrhoids, prepare a slurry of fruits and leaves and apply it to the affected areas. Similarly, apply and decoction of the rhizomes of the plant.

wild strawberry useful properties for pregnant womenWith a low level of hemoglobin also helps decoction. The recipe is as follows: 200 grams of berries pour a glass of boiling water, then boil the mixture for 10 minutes, draw for 2 hours, strain and drink one spoon three times a day. But with colds you need strawberry jam. Cook it according to your usual recipe.To avoid delicacy, add citric acid to it shortly before removing it from the fire. For one kilogram of fruit, it is recommended to use 1.5 kg of sugar and 2 grams of citric acid.

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