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The cobra is a poisonous and dangerous reptile, and everyone knows about it. In life, when meeting a snake, a person immediately tries to hide or escape. In a dream in which you cannot control actions, you have to watch everything that happens. But on the other hand, what a person sees is a reflection of his inner world and a conversation with the subconscious. It is very important to understand what it wants to say. Why dream of a cobra? This question we will consider in this article.

what is the dream cobra


As mentioned earlier, the cobra is not a very pleasant animal. Most people experience fear and disgust at the sight. But what about the cobra itself?

In various mythologies, its meaning is different. For example, in Egypt, this reptile is very revered. It embodies wisdom, knowledge and wealth. In Jewish culture, the cobra symbolizes sin, evil, temptation. In addition, in Christianity, the serpent personifies the devil, destruction and deceit.First of all, this is due to the fact that it is in the form of a snake that the devil tempted Adam and Eve to try the forbidden fruit. But what does this reptile mean in a dream?

Total value

A snake in a dream can be a symbol of both well-being and problems. In general, everything depends on various small details: on color, size and other things. For example, in a dream, a white cobra symbolizes secrets and dangerous knowledge. If we talk about the general meaning, then this animal dreams of gossip, squabbles and trouble. Most often, a cobra personifies a woman evil and envious. If in a dream the snake was very close to you, then this person in life is in your immediate environment.

Of course, in a dream it is important to pay attention to all the details, they can be useful in the interpretation of sleep. Try to remember how many snakes were in your dream, what they did, and how far you were from them.

dream cobra

Colors of reptiles

Any color in a dream symbolizes something. Do not neglect this information when interpreting. What is the dream of a black cobra? Such an animal may dream of an unfavorable band in your life. At this stage, you should be very careful and discreet. It is not recommended to start a new business.Red cobra dream to rival. If you do not have the second half, the rivalry may be associated with work or study. Green cobra dream to financial problems and losses. A spotted animal can be a symbol of strong changes in life. The blue snake symbolizes luck and wealth.


It is important to remember the direction of movement of the snake, because it can fundamentally change the essence of the interpretation of sleep. So, for example, if she is chasing you, then problems are about to overtake you. In the following days you should be very careful and attentive. If the situation is completely reversed - and you are chasing a cobra, then you yourself are looking for problems. It is necessary to temper ambitions for a while and stop the vigorous activity. What is the dream of a cobra crawling away from you or hiding? This means that your black stripe ends and a new period in your life begins - light and prosperous.

sleep bites cobra

The size

The size of the animal also matters. Of course, the bigger the animal, the more trouble you will have to wait. The number of mammals also has a great influence on the interpretation. So, many small snakes dream of petty problems and quarrels.Why dream of a cobra, which is very big? Such a dream can foreshadow a huge secret or secret that you have to learn. The unreal size of an animal in a dream may indicate that you are tired of the routine and lack of diversity.


That which makes this reptile in a dream is very important. If it lies and does not pay any attention to you, then this means secrets and hidden information. Perhaps, in your environment, someone very carefully hides something from you. If a cobra bites - a dream means that your enemies are united against you and will soon begin to act. Almost the same meaning is a dream in which the serpent twists you and does not allow you to move.

interpretation of dreams cobra

Be very careful, it promises you trouble. Perhaps you will fall into the trap of your enemies. If a lot of reptiles creep past you and none of them pay attention to you, it means that you will be able to avoid many problems. Such a dream also promises a long and carefree life. The little cobras in the dream that they are trying to bite you mean that there are not quite good people in your environment. You need to carefully watch them, some of them probably plotting against you. Such a dream also means gossip. Perhaps your friends are very jealous of you and are constantly discussing.

It is important to remember what you did in a dream. If you fought with an animal, then ahead of you are waiting for difficulties and trials. If you managed to defeat the cobra, then your plans will come true. A dream in which you were defeated by mammals indicates serious difficulties and problems. If the cobra was hunting for you, it means that soon you will receive a blow from a loved one.

sleep cobra attacks

Modern dream book

The cobra is a symbol of wisdom and experience, and in a dream can also mean just that. If a dream animal is big, beautiful and you are not afraid of it, but admire it, then maybe you will soon receive valuable advice or learn important things. In the modern dream book, the cobra also symbolizes a new life. It is believed that if a man sees in a dream how a cobra is wrapped around the belly of his spouse, he will soon be born. If you dream that you have become a cobra, then such a dream promises wealth, a promotion, an unexpected inheritance.

The reptile that causes you to feel fear and disgust in a dream indicates that there is someone in your environment who hates you so much. It can harm you and your relatives.How else dream dream interpretation dream? The cobra is also a symbol of hypocrisy and temptation. If in a dream you see a big snake that is ready to attack you, it means that your close friend may be a traitor, and you need to be very careful.

little cobras in a dream

Dream Vanga

It is this dream book gives the most interesting interpretation of dreams. The cobra personifies not just evil, but deceit and meanness. If it is curled into a ball, it means that there will be a very complicated situation on your way. In addition, such a dream may mean that your enemies have temporarily stopped their stormy activities and are waiting to attack you.

A cobra bite on Vanga’s dream book means that you could use black magic against you. If a snake in a dream dug into your neck, then it promises a serious illness. The victory over the cobra promises good news - good luck again with the dreamer. In the near future he will be able to deal with all enemies and solve even the most difficult issues.

Sleep: the cobra attacks, and the person fights back - symbolizes problems and minor troubles. Perhaps in the near future you will have to get bogged down in affairs and concerns. To see a dead cobra in a dream - to quarrels with a loved one.If you like this reptile in a dream, and you admire it, it is friendly to you and carries no danger, then you are on top of success. But on the other hand, your situation is very precarious, and at any time you can fail.

Despite all of the above, it is very important to remember that for each person the interpretation of a dream can be completely the opposite. For example, some people know that if they dream of a cobra, it means that in the near future they will be in trouble. For others, almost the same dream can mean illness. It is very important to listen to your feelings when interpreting dreams. It is the inner gut that will help you reveal the true meaning. If the value of sleep has a pronounced negative character, do not despair. Some scholars believe that we see prophetic dreams precisely in order to try to change the situation. Thus, the subconscious communicates with the person and indicates to him that it is necessary to change.

white cobra sleep

Sometimes even after a terrible dream in my heart is joyful and fun, and even if you get the worst interpretation, this means that all problems will soon be resolved.In addition, every dream should not be taken as a prophetic vision. Try to remember, maybe the other day you watched a movie about a cobra or read news on the Internet. Very often, the brain selectively displays information in a dream that has had an effect on him while he is awake.

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