Why did the airships disappear?

2-06-2017, 19:05
At the beginning of the last century, the world faced two paths of development: airplanes and airships. And the airships were and are a more promising branch.
Why did the airships disappear?
1) Comfort. The first and the most pleasant for the passenger, they provide comfort, your cabin can be at least as on a cruise ship and all the amenities of the appropriate level.
2) Payload and range. The airship can take on more passengers than a plane. Or a huge amount of cargo. Again, imagine a cruise liner in the air with 3-4 thousand passengers on board!
3) Highest reliability and safety! If helium is used. (The variant of a thermal airship, or a combined one, has its advantages.) Safety is much higher than that of airplanes and helicopters by an order of magnitude! (Even in the largest accidents, airships showed high survival rates for people.)
4) Efficiency. Significantly lower fuel consumption, as a result, the cost of flight is lower per passenger-kilometer, or per unit mass of the transported cargo.
5) Unlimited time in the air!
6) The airfield infrastructure and landing strip are not needed. It may not land at all, but simply hover above the ground!
Why did the airships disappear?
Skeptics say that the airship has a lot of flaws, for example, it flies slowly.
It's a lie! It is now possible to build stratospheric airships that will rise to an altitude of 20-30 km and fly there at a speed of over a thousand kilometers per hour! Due to the rarefied atmosphere at high altitude, size and shape are not important.
In addition, those who will fly on the airship, can sail like a ship with a relatively low speed in an air cruise. In this case, high speed and access to the stratosphere are not needed at all. I recall that in 1936, airships flew at speeds up to 150 km per hour.
Declare poor maneuverability. Again a lie. A modern airship does not need to be a balloon with a gondola, as at the beginning of the 20th century, you can give any ideally suitable form to ensure both maneuverability and streamline.
The disembarking of passengers can be ensured with the help of the mooring mast, the hangup of the device itself above the ground, either with the help of the descending elevator of the airship, or by helicopters directly from the board.
The aerodynamic apparatus equipped with jet engines, at least no worse than the aircraft will behave when flying and landing. (Actually much better.)
They talk about very large hangars, but not much more than a dry dock where a cruise liner will fit. And most importantly, when a thing is a piece, it is expensive, when there are dozens of them, the price of the product drops significantly. Therefore, when they talk about the cost of service, it is simply ridiculous. There will be a hundred such airships they will be cheaper than modern Boeings. Service will also be available.
Why did the airships disappear?

But there is one big but ...
Many remember the tragedy of the Hindenburg airship.

Why did the airships disappear?
On March 4, 1936, the construction of the largest zeppelin-class aircraft LZ 129 "Hindenburg" was 245 meters long and with a maximum diameter of 41.2 meters; 200,000 cubic meters of bottled gas. Equipped with four diesel engines "Daimler-Benz" maximum power of 1200 liters. with. each, capable of raising into the air up to 100 tons of payload, the airship developed a speed of up to 135 kilometers per hour (150 with a fair wind). For that time, these were very high rates.
The Americans refused to sell Germany helium to fill the airship, and the Germans at that time did not have the necessary technology for their own production of this gas.As a result, the airship was filled with hydrogen. A gas that is quite dangerous in a mixture with air ... On the other hand, the version about the bomb has not yet been completely refuted.
Then on May 6, 1937, at 6.25 pm, the airship "Hindenburg" after the transatlantic flight arrives from Germany to the United States.
Why did the airships disappear?
This is a regular trip service. He is landing at the Lakehurst Naval Base in New Jersey. A sudden jolt shook the airship, flames erupt from the inside, and after 32 seconds, the burnt debris falls down. 35 of 97 passengers and crew members died, another employee died on the ground. After that, an advertising campaign about the danger of airships took place. A bold cross was put on the airships and their place was taken by aircraft ... The competitors were destroyed!
Why did the airships disappear?
And here we come to the main point.
To the evil grin of capitalism! Are you laughing And in vain. In our world, everything has long been divided! Who, where and what does. Some five dozen families hold in their hands the threads to manage most of this world.
Something new? And we need it? Not! They do not consider it necessary to change what is debugged and works. We are talking about air transport, at least transatlantic, and most likely to be crowded out, into certain niches, of all aviation, as such.Yes, for the money, without batting an eye, you can arrange a third world, not like to destroy inventors or erase a company that tries to enter the market with its airships. But even to do this, there is no need. The simplest answer is: we will not invest in the development of direable construction.

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