Who will birch tar help? Application, popular recipes and contraindications

What is birch tar?

birch tar application

The use of natural oily liquid inside and can eliminate most of the pathologies locally. Few are aware of the healing qualities of tar, and of what particular diseases he cures. Do you know that you get this useful product from birch bark in a special way? After careful processing, a dark-brown, sticky mass is obtained with a rather unpleasant smell. It is a spoon of this substance can spoil the delicious and sweet honey, as well as heal the body from the sores. True, an interesting combination of properties? In the distant past, when there were no pharmacies in the world, tar was prepared only by healers for healing cuts and burns. In modern society, it is added to various lotions, ointments and creams that have antiseptic and insecticidal properties.Among the well-known and popular preparations based on this substance is Vishnevsky ointment. Official medicine considers tar to be a valuable product with anti-parasitic, antiseptic and anti-microbial qualities. Its composition is saturated with microelements, useful components such as guaiacol, resin, xylene, phenol, dioxybenzene, phytoncide.

Medicinal properties

 birch tar inside

Birch tar has anesthetic, absorbable and anti-inflammatory effect. Use for therapeutic purposes due to the content of medicinal substances. Actively use it to stimulate and accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis, as well as improve blood circulation in the tissues. Traditional medicine is widely used for the treatment of skin diseases: erysipelas, seborrheic dermatitis, vitiligo, psoriasis, folliculitis and eczema. Assign with scaly lichen, fungal lesions, scabies, bedsores, lice, trophic ulcers and other pathologies. I can heal burns and various wounds with tar. To do this, compresses, which are applied to the affected area. Oily fluid nourishes and strengthens internal organs,mobilizes the body's defenses in the fight against ailments. With the help of tar, you can beat dropsy of the abdomen, urolithiasis, digestive disorders and urethritis. Folk healers recommend a remedy for the treatment of bronchial asthma, angina, acute respiratory infections, mastitis, bleeding and even gangrene. It is widely used in cosmetology for acne, problem skin, dandruff and other disorders.

Use in gynecology

birch tar with milk

Miraculous birch tar will help in the treatment of fibroids, ovarian cysts, adenoma and benign growths. The use of the inside in a certain dosage gives effective results. We describe an old proven recipe for mastopathy: for three days in a row add 3 drops of the product to 50 ml of warm milk, from the 4th to the 6th day - 5 drops, from the 7th to the 9th - 7 drops. Drink medicine should be three times a day. After the course of therapy, a ten-day break is taken, and the treatment is repeated again, only in reverse order - to reduce the amount of tar.

From genital infections

From candidiasis and vaginitis will help the following popular recipe: baby soap is taken, rubbed on a grater and mixed with tar (1: 1).Small balls are formed from the resulting soap mass and dried. Dissolve the right amount of medication in water to the consistency of thick ointment, process the genitals. Perfectly relieves itching, burning and inflammation (exchange intake for about a month). A similar ointment is used for cramps in the limbs. Apply it in a thin layer on the sore spots, wrap a woolen scarf. Starch balls stored in a glass container, putting in the refrigerator.

birch tar for treating angina

Treatment of the respiratory system

Frostbite, sore throat and colds can cure birch tar. Application externally in the form of compresses gives a remarkable healing effect. The liquid is applied to sterile gauze bandages, applied to the chest, tied with a scarf on top and leave for 20-30 minutes. The compress has an antiseptic and warming effect. You can quickly get rid of the exhausting cough: dilute part of the liquid tar in 8 parts of purified water, mix with a wooden spoon and leave for 2 days. Remove the formed film from the surface of the medicine, pour the liquid into a clean container and put it in the refrigerator.Take birch tar inside a large spoon before bedtime. The course should not exceed ten days. Practice shows that after the first intake, the coughing attack retreats or diminishes.

We expel parasites (helminths) from the body

Combine a drop of money with a dessert spoon of honey. Take the drug at bedtime. You can drink birch tar with milk or carrot juice. The duration of therapy is 24 days. Up to two courses are allowed per year.

For skin diseases

tar soap against acne

We get rid of scabies: we mix two large spoons of sulfur powder with 5 grams of lard (can be replaced with badger or pork), a tar tar dessert spoon and soap (5 g). Healing sore spot for five days with a healing composition. When acne rash will help cleansing lotion: 50 ml of 95% alcohol will require 10 g of birch tar and two drops of salicylic alcohol. Before applying the skin thoroughly cleaned of cosmetics and impurities. Apply daily twice a day. For the treatment of wounds, psoriasis, eczema prepare an ointment: combine 50 grams of the product with one hundred grams of butter and two yolks. To store means in the refrigerator.

We make tar soap from acne

Long since tar soap is considered one of the most effective means in the fight against problem skin. To do this, it is not necessary to buy it; you can make it yourself from natural components and in a short time. It should be noted that this soap is suitable for all skin types and does not cause allergies. Let's start: you need a baby soap without chemical components, about two hundred grams and a large fly in the ointment. Soap should be rubbed and heated in a water bath, then add birch liquid and mix well. Mass poured into special molds and let it freeze. All is ready!

Use in cosmetology

birch tar in cosmetology

If dandruff torments, hair falls out, prepare a homemade mask: mix one hundred grams of vodka, 30 ml of castor (burdock) oil and a tablespoon of tar. Apply a dense layer of hair to the roots and after two hours, rinse with shampoo. Add volume and accelerate the growth of hair: per liter of water you need to take 50 g of funds. Infuse liquid for three days (stir daily). Therapeutic massage massage rub into the scalp three times a week.


Indisputable positive properties endowed with birch tar.But, despite the enormous benefits and a lot of advantages, it still has some restrictions in use. You should not use it in the armpits, skin folds and in the bend of the knee. It is impossible to treat this drug for a long time, otherwise it can provoke severe irritation and aggravate the eczematous process. If you decide to use it inside, then use for this purpose only natural purified product. Do not use drugs inside, as they contain carcinogens. It is forbidden to use during the exacerbation of pathology. Contraindications include lactation and pregnancy. Remember, before applying the tar on the skin, test on the elbow to reveal the presence of allergies.

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Who will help birch tar Application, popular recipes and contraindications 40

Who will help birch tar Application, popular recipes and contraindications 22

Who will help birch tar Application, popular recipes and contraindications 24

Who will help birch tar Application, popular recipes and contraindications 11