Who is the idiot?

November 4, 2014
Who is the idiot?

We call others and ourselves in various offensive words: a fool, a dummy, a nerd, an idiot, etc. If you want to come up with an offensive nickname for a person, then our article will help you. And today we will take a closer look at one of these insulting words - "idiot". You will find out who the idiot is in a medical sense and where this curse came from.

Idiot: the origin of the word

This word appeared in ancient Greece. Initially, it had nothing to do with mental illness. An idiot was called a person who does not participate in public life and is engaged exclusively in his personal problems and interests. You can translate a word from Greek like this: an isolated person, a private person. As is known, the ancient Greeks attached great importance to political and civic activities, therefore the word "idiot" quickly acquired a negative connotation. Idiots began to be considered uneducated, narrow-minded, undeveloped people. Already in ancient Rome, the word meant "ignoramus", "ignoramus". In modern society, idiots are called very stupid, incompetent, stupid, narrow-minded people.

Idiot: medical term

From a medical point of view, an idiot is a person with idiocy - the most severe degree of mental retardation, that is, mental retardation. In the most severe cases, patients with idiocy completely lack speech and thinking. Idiots are not capable of meaningful actions, can only pronounce inarticulate sounds, do not understand the speech addressed to them, do not distinguish outsiders and relatives. Usually such a disease is associated with severe brain pathology, so think about it before you call someone an idiot.

"Idiot" in Russian literature

This word has become a well-known Russian man thanks to the popular novel by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky "Idiot". The writer gives this word a metaphorical meaning. It cannot be said that Prince Myshkin suffers from profound mental retardation. On the contrary, he knows how to feel subtle. He is naive and as if not of this world, but the reader understands that in many ways the prince is cleaner and wiser than the "full-fledged" people around him.

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