Who is a saboteur?

Elena Alekseeva
Elena Alekseeva
February 1, 2015
Who is a saboteur?

The word "diversion" comes from the Latin word meaning deviation or distraction. The definition of this word sounds like events prepared with special care, which are of a hidden nature and aimed at disabling various important elements or objects. They carry out such activities the whole reconnaissance groups or individual people - saboteurs. The methods that are used in this case are quite diverse, but they are not of an open fighting nature, in particular, arson, explosions, flooding and similar events.

By the way, originally it was decided to call sabotage military operations, which were carried out in order to disorient the enemy, unbalance him, or simply divert attention. However, with the advent of dynamite, the term somewhat changed its meaning, since explosives allowed saboteurs to conduct fairly efficient operations right behind enemy lines, remaining unnoticed.

Now you know what sabotage means and who the saboteur is.

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