Who benefits?

You could not enlighten me. I was at the precinct the other day and one mother was discharged free medicines for a child. And what does such exist in Ukraine? Tell me please, to whom and for what reason do they give free medicines (I mean children). To me also not always enough money for some drugs .....

Decision before the Resolution of the CM of 17 serpnya 1998 p. N 1303 to Pereliku group of the population, at raz ambulatory l_kuvannya yak lіkarski_ sosobi for recipes lіkarіv vіppuskayutsya free of charge aboard the minds of the wickedness, vіdnostitsya children vіkom to trioh rok_v;
Intercomparitious medical care is free of charge at the outpatient hospital up to 3 years old, get drugstores for recipes, written by lickers of health products Mortgage for the residency of Tsikh Osib.
Ale is free of charge not all lіkarski_ sosobi, and tіlki tі, scho zamenenі at the crossroads lіkarskih zobobіv vіtchiznyanynogo іnozemnogo virobnitstva, hardened Post office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, dated 5 September 1996 p. N 1071, yaki sama - you can learn from the dіlnichnogo lіkarya.

We expect the birth of twins and we want to clarify whether such a family benefits anywhere? Additional benefits, payments, something else. Where should we go?

You have the right to one-time and additional assistance with the birth of a child. (in your case - these are two children). According to the Law "About assistance to families with children":
"... The right to one-time assistance in the case of the people’s mother-in-law Ditini. "
"... One-time extra-mongering for people's ditini is to be recognized and viplachuyut bodies socialist zahistu populated by one person living one of the fathers ", in that If the parents do not work, if your husband or you work, then you can apply for the specified assistance at your place of work or at work husband.
The basis for the provision of one-time assistance (in the amount of 118 UAH. In your case - 236 UAH.) is a certificate of birth of the child, issued by the registry office.
For additional help (in the amount of 59 UAH. - in your case, 108 UAH.), which is provided to mothers who are registered in the medical establishment (female consultation, paramedic-midwife point) within the period up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, he was regularly visited and followed the recommendations of doctors.
Special benefits, payments at the birth of twins, our legislation, unfortunately, does not provide.

I was told that in the dairy kitchen in Kiev, you can get free baby food. How, to whom and what documents are needed for this?

Єsnuє Instructions the harborry of the fools of the first two years of life from the little satiety of simey ”.
Low-income people are respected by these people, they are children, they are supposed to be in good shape derzhavna dopomogo zgіdno z Law of Ukraine "About the state dopomogu sіm`y z dіtmi" (сім`ї, for these average average monthly income on the skin member of the term quarter do not overhaul the triple rozmіrі мінімальної заробітної плати (354 UAH).
For inclusion in the lists of the children of the first two rokivs on the sideless grub of the dad дитини необхідно подати довідку з місця одержиня допомоги about одержання вказаної dopomogi in likuvalny mortgage, sho warehousing lists.
The lists of the children of the first two families of life on the campfire are stored дільничними педіатми міст та районних центів, працівниками фельдшерсько-акушерських clause in socialist medicine and zatvorzhuyustsya state administration, Vikonkomami mіskih і sіlskikh Rada popular deputies.
Signed up with up-to-date lists of children from little-forgotten sіmey, dіlnnі pediatry (feldshery) vipisuyut ditin_ kharuuvannya on a special prescription blank with a stamp "bezkoshtovno".
Vidacha kaskuvnogo kharuvuvnya conducted through the dairy kitchen and that punctu lіkaren, polіklіnіk.

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