Whining tooth what to do?

Toothache is anguish. If you do not respond in time, it can turn into a big problem for your health. You will feel the signs of a whining tooth right away, for example, it can be: jerking, sharp, sharp and, respectively, aching pain. If you have a aching pain in your teeth, contact your dentist immediately, but if you do not have such an opportunity, you can stop the discomfort, but only for a while.

So, you have a tooth ache. What to do? A visit to the dentist is inevitable, because self-medication can only stop symptoms for a short time. In time the cured tooth will save you from a huge number of problems. Before you eliminate the aching pain in your teeth by going to the dentist, you need to know its causes, in order not to repeat mistakes later.

Causes and elimination of aching teeth pain

In order to be fully armed, you need to know: why teeth whine, what causes it and how to deal with it. Quite often people have a symptom when the front tooth aches (upper or lower front rows of teeth) - if you have this pain, these are signs of periodontal disease that develops, unfortunately, but this disease is treated only in the dental office.

If you are worried about a very painful and often throbbing pain that "gives" either to the neck or to the temple - these are the first signs of pulpitis. Dull toothache and swelling near the tooth, often with increasing temperature, indicates flux. Disposable, one-time pain, especially when changing the temperature regime, will tell you about the origin of caries. The aching pain of the teeth is often encountered, when in contact with cold air - this is an increased sensitivity of the teeth, and restoration of the enamel coating of the teeth is required.

The pharmacy can offer you a number of painkillers, but this is only a temporary solution to the problem. In addition to specialized drugs, there are also other methods of eliminating pain in the teeth:

  • It helps well (for example, if you have a tooth ache after removal) rinsing your mouth with soda solution (a teaspoon for one or two glasses of water).
  • You can also relieve or relieve pain with a cotton swab dipped in a mixture of calendula and valerian tincture.
  • Acceptance of various analgesics.

Sometimes it seems that tooth filling is a solution, and toothache will not return, but it is not.Often people ask such questions: whining tooth after filling, what to do? Pain may be present because the tooth is disturbed, so it itches and whines, getting used to new circumstances. Such sensations may be present for several days, and then pass.

Also, after filling the teeth, another, more acute pain is possible. She is particularly worried at night. This indicates that your nerve is damaged and needs to be removed. Quite often, after filling, toothache arises due to incorrect treatment or, as is now often the case, allergies to the filling material.

Sore or aching teeth - this is very serious, and trying to postpone a trip to the dentist will not work. Problems with teeth themselves will not go anywhere, and therefore they need to be addressed. Remember that removing or overcome, enduring the pain, you only aggravate, prolong your path to recovery. When you come to a specialist, describe your symptoms completely and without fear so that the dentist can determine the problem and prescribe a course of treatment.

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