Which stretch ceilings are better?

Apartment renovation is already in full swing and it is time to choose a stretch ceiling. In our time, the range of materials offered and manufacturers has expanded significantly. But which stretch ceilings are better and how to choose from the variety that which is right for you?

There are two types of stretch ceilings - fabric and film. Let's look at their features.


  • calmly tolerate any temperature
  • 15 times stronger than film
  • can be dismantled and reused without damage
  • photo printing or art images can be applied to them
  • the size of the solid canvas reaches 5.1 meters, which allows even in large rooms to mount them almost seamlessly
  • may remain stains after contact with water
  • fade in the sun

Film strip

  • there will be a noticeable seam at the junction
  • at subzero temperatures can not be operated
  • when flooded, the film does not let water through
  • does not absorb moisture, excluding swelling, deformation and stains
  • easy to cut
  • resists surface corrosion well
  • does not burn, refers to self-extinguishing materials
  • under the influence of direct sunlight the structure does not deteriorate and the color does not fade
  • increased resistance to chemically active elements
  • high electrical insulating properties
  • any color variations are possible
  • able to withstand up to 100 liters of water per 1 square meter
  • short installation time (up to 3 hours)
  • when installing such a ceiling is necessary to heat the room to 60? (it may damage the furniture)

Types of stretch ceiling

Before you the question arises: which stretch ceilings are better: glossy or matte? Thanks to the mirror effect, the glossy ceiling can reflect up to 90% of the light. With this effect, the room creates a feeling of lightness and airiness. If you need to visually enlarge the room, choose a bright glossy ceiling. But note: the disadvantage of such a ceiling is a rather pronounced seam.

In favor of a matte ceiling, it is worth noting that it is much cheaper than glossy and practically does not require maintenance. You can use it in almost any room. Matte material is not much attracts attention, making the ceiling perfectly smooth. Also on such a coating can be applied photo printing.Glossy and matte ceilings can be combined, combined. This will give your room exclusivity.

Stretch ceilings: what are good?

To correctly determine which stretch ceilings are good, you should pay attention to the country of origin.

  • Domestic manufacturer. Due to the lack of modern equipment, the canvas is rather thick and small in size. As a result, we get a large number of seams and a large weight of the product, which can lead to sagging, and glossy reflections can be seen on the matte films. For these reasons, this ceiling is not worth buying.
  • French, German and Italian films are distinguished by their excellent quality. They are known for their ideal appearance, large assortment of colors and textures, durability, and high cost.
  • The main advantages of Chinese ceilings - large canvas, no sagging, low price. It’s too early to talk about longevity, they appeared on the Russian market quite recently. This characteristic is consistent with the Belgian ceilings.

What better stretch ceilings to choose for repair - you decide.The choice depends on your requirements and room design.

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