Where to order a photo book?

If you want to make someone a landmark gift or beautifully arrange impressions of a solemn day, order a photo book. A photo book is one of the best options to perpetuate the most joyful moments and memories in life, to create a story from them that will be pleasant to browse in the evening or show to your friends. You can connect the creative imagination and create a photo book with your own hands or order it from a good photographer or company. For example, high-quality printing of photo books offers printing house "Cascon". With the help of a typography website you can easily create your own photo book yourself:

  1. Here you can order any photobook at any time of the day.
  2. Using the website of the company, you can design a photo book using ready-made templates or create a new layout from scratch.
  3. The cost can also be calculated online on the site. If everything suits you, you will only place an order.
  4. After the execution of the order you can pick it up at home or in the office. As a result, you get a stylish, beautiful and modern photo book in an individual cover, with an elastic pad and in a hard cover.

In addition to creating photo books, the Kaskon printing house produces brochures, notepads, booklets, leaflets, books, magazines, envelopes and calendars. Brochures and catalogs are more often used as promotional products, offset printing is used for their production. Offset printing is performed in different ways using selective and continuous UV varnish, cutting, foil lamination, numbering, foil stamping, perforation, and personalization.

Creating a photo book: stages

  1. Decide on the goal. What is the result you want to get the result, for what you want to collect photos in a separate book? So you will understand what pictures should be included in the album, how best to implement the idea of ​​what to use for this. A photo book will help you capture your best memories, you can also present it as a gift or create a family album.
  2. If you are making a book yourself, and not placing an order in a particular company, you need to decide on a program to create photo collages and book pages. Examine some of the most accessible, see what functions each of them has and decide on the best option.
  3. Type of book.It will depend on the purpose of creating a photo book, its content and the amount of available funds. The traditional version is books with a hard and glossy cover. But still the choice of type is a matter of taste. Soft cover looks just as good. Photobook formats can also be different: A5, A4, A3. Pay attention to the pictures that will be included in the book - the choice of size depends on it. Sometimes it is better to make a small cozy photo book in which small pictures will look interesting. Solemn events, such as a wedding, anniversary, graduation and so on. better capture in large format and hardcover.
  4. Theme of the book and its content. The style of the book creates not only competent design and high-quality materials, but also a single event and narrative line. You can create an album in the “hodgepodge” style with your own hands, and it will work out with a soul that is cozy and sweet. The photo book is more focused on a certain style, on the depth of disclosure of emotions and impressions of a particular event. Therefore, it is better if it contains pictures of a single event. Let it be short or small, but at the same time preserve the same style.
  5. In continuation of the last paragraph: create a logical story from the pictures, which would reveal the experienced event. In the future, leafing through such a book, you can remember the past and relive those positive emotions, gradually turning the pages, as if living a joyful event anew. If you have a thematic book, for example, dedicated to a particular season of the year, you can create compositions of photographs by colors, themes, etc.
  6. The next stage is layout. There are a large number of options to create a book, so you can experiment with different layouts, compare them with each other and choose the best option. Pictures can be made in a frame, have fields and do not have, photos can be of various sizes. You can arrange the book in such a way that on one half there will be photos, and on the other - the text. Try to observe a uniform design style, do not turn the book into chaos.
  7. Decide on a picture that will be placed on the cover. It is better to choose a bright, emotional and expressive picture that would cause the desire to open the book and look through it.

In general, photo books are created in a printed version,but if you wish, you can also create an electronic analogue, for example, in those cases when you want to show the book to distant relatives or friends, simply send it by mail.

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