Where is Kabardino-Balkaria? Regions of Russia

The region where Kabardino-Balkaria is located,It is characterized by a diverse climate, changing not only from west to east, but also due to the change in altitude. The vertical type of zonality is explained by the fact that the entire territory of the republic is located on the slope of the Caucasus.

where is Kabardino-Balkaria

Where is Kabardino-Balkaria

Located on the northern macroslope of BolshoiCaucasian ridge the republic belongs to the North Caucasus Federal District and borders with the Karachevo-Circassian Republic, the Stavropol Territory, North Ossetia and Georgia.

Modern borders of the republic were formed inAccording to the policy of national delimitation, conducted in the early years of Soviet power. It should be noted that the region where Kabardino-Balkaria is located is not very stable in the national context. This is confirmed by numerous national conflicts of the post-Soviet period.

In 1921 the Kabardian autonomy was formed, a year later it was transformed into the Kabardino-Balkarian autonomy, and in 1936 it became the Kabardino-Balkarian Autonomous SSR.

The history of the republic in the years of the USSR was not smooth, as the national question was decided by the authorities depending on the conjuncture and in accordance with the ideas of the country's top leadership.

where is the Kabardino Balkaria republic

History of Kabardino-Balkaria

Among the historians there is a consensus that the Kabardian sub-ethnos of the Adyghe people was artificially separated by the Soviet authorities into a separate people on the basis of political considerations.

The authorities of the USSR faced the task of makingnational separatism on the outskirts of the least numerous and as little as possible aggressive. For this purpose, the borders of national autonomies were carried out with the expectation that small national entities would not be able to resist the central authorities.

However, scientists believe that before the twentieththe Kabardians were only a part of the Adygeyan ethnos, whose representatives lived on the eastern outskirts of the habitat of the Adygeans. It is worth noting: it is reliably known that modern Kabardians live in this territory at least since the XV century, but some information from historical and literary sources indicate that the ancestors of the people lived in the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria already in the lXth century.

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Balkarians and the national question

Most scholars agree that Balkariansare the indigenous people of the Caucasus, since it is reliably known that the tribes on the basis of which this ethnos was formed lived on the territory of present-day Kabardino-Balkaria from the 15th century of the new era.

However, some researchers are inclined to go even further in determining the duration of Balkarians' residence in the Caucasus, erecting their genus for the Koban archaeological culture.

However, the modern Balkars areTurkic-speaking people, the main ethnic element of which are Turkic-speaking Bulgarians, who roamed the lands where the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is located, in the Vl century AD.

A serious test for the Balkars was the Mongolian campaigns, as a result of which Alania was crushed, and the Balkars were forced to rise from the plains to the mountains.

The post-war years of the twentieth century

The region where Kabardino-Balkaria is located,was in the zone of occupation of German troops during the Second World War. Most of the republic, including Nalchik, was under Nazi rule for almost two years.

After the liberation of the Caucasus by the Soviet authorities in the region, mass repression began, to which not only large social groups, but entire nations were also subjected.

They were evicted to remote areas of the Soviet UnionUnion Chechens, Ingush, Crimean Tatars, Meskhetian Turks, Azerbaijanis, Armenians and Balkars. The national autonomies of many deported peoples were abolished, and the Kabardino-Balkarian republic was transformed into the Kabardinskaya.

kabardino balkaria where is it

The modern republic

To answer the question "Kabardino-Balkaria -where is it? ", it is enough to look at the map of the south of Russia.The Republic is in the central part of the North Caucasus, and its highest point is Mount Elbrus, which not only serves as a recognizable symbol of the republic, but also attracts numerous tourists who prefer active recreation.

Very popular among travelers are organized group ascents to Elbrus and mountain skiing, for which special slopes are arranged on the slopes of the mountains.

In addition to tourism, the country has developed a ruralfarming: they grow both cereals and technical crops. In large quantities, wheat, corn and sunflower are grown. Meat and dairy cattle breeding, including sheep breeding, is also developed.

More than two hundred industrial enterprises operatein the region where the Kabardino-Balkarian republic is located. Photos of beautiful landscapes, found in large numbers on the Internet, coexist with photographs of such large enterprises as Baksanskaya HPP and Terekalmaz, which produces artificial diamonds.

In addition, the republic has developed a production of building materials, such as high-quality brick, cement and metal products, as well as asphalt for road construction.

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