Where did "Love and Doves" shoot?

Olga Golovina
Olga Golovina
December 6, 2012
Where did "Love and Doves" shoot?

Nature in the film looks really Siberian. The places are so picturesque that it becomes interesting where they shot “Love and Pigeons”?

In search of nature, V.Menshov and V.Gurkin (the author of the script), drove from Irkutsk to Cheremkhovo. Cute villages where it was possible to conduct surveys, met only in the depths of the taiga, far from the railway. But the power supply of villages would not withstand the burden of all the shooting equipment.

Strangely enough, along the railway, the villages were in such ruin that they struck and saddened V. Menshov.

In Medvezhegorsk (Karelia), which stands on the Kums River, V. Menshov drove by because of the name. And captivated by the beauty of nature there. The director's assistants found a suitable house where an elderly couple lived - Elizaveta Petrovna and Nil Konstantinovich. The film crew built the dovecote, built a veranda to the house. She made the plank floor in the courtyard, as it should be in Siberian villages. Thus arose the cozy house of Hope and Vasily, beloved by all.

A holiday romance was filmed in Georgia.In Kobuleti, on one of the berths, they filmed Vasily falling from the door directly into the sea. Shopping gifts took place on the market of this city. Beach scenes were filmed in the city of Batumi. And the main characters swam in the open pool of the Batumi Dolphinarium. The scene where Vasily sneezes on the balcony took place in the “Tsikhisdziri” boarding house.

The rest was completed in the pavilions of Mosfilm.

Here are all the places where “Love and Pigeons” were filmed, a film that forever entered not only the history of Russian cinema, but also our hearts.

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