When can I use maternal capital? What can maternity capital be spent on?

When can I use maternal capital? We will understand more in this issue. In fact, this is a measure of state aid for Russian families, in which from 2007 to 2018 the second and subsequent children were born. In this article we will look at questions about when you can use the parent capital, and also find out what exactly you can spend the appropriate funds on.maternity capital when you can take advantage

Nuances of obtaining maternal subsidies

In the framework of capital acquisition, the following terms and conditions should be considered:

  • You can receive compensation only once.
  • Maternal capital indexes the state. A change in its size does not imply a replacement certificate.
  • The period when you can apply to the Pension Fund with an application for obtaining a certificate after the birth of your second child is in no way limited.
  • An application for disposing of funds can be submitted at any time after the three-year period from the date of the birth of the child.
  • Family capital is exempt from personal income tax.
  • The certificate is valid only upon presentation of the identity document.
  • If the certificate is lost, you can get a duplicate.
  • The certificate funds are received only by bank transfer.

Many people wonder whether it is possible to use the maternal capital before the 3th anniversary of the child. About it further.

When does the certificate expire?

The certificate is terminated in the following cases:when you can use the parent capital

  • the death of the owner;
  • deprivation of the owner of the certificate of rights to the baby;
  • the commission by the owner of a certificate in relation to his child is a deliberate crime;
  • refusal to adopt a child, thanks to which the certificate was issued;
  • in connection with the expenditure of capital funds in full.

Cashing illegally

It is important to note that any schemes related to cash withdrawal of maternity capital will be illegal. The certificate holder himself, who agreed to participate in the cash-out scheme,deliberately goes for the implementation of the unlawful act, so it can be found guilty on the fact of the unlawful use of public funds.

So when can you take advantage of maternal capital?

What could money be spent on?

This year, the federal maternal subsidies program celebrates its tenth anniversary. From the moment the state program began to function, maternal support could be spent on the following goals:through how much you can use the parent capital

  • improving family living conditions;
  • for the formation of the funded pension part of the mother;
  • to pay for the education of the child.

Is it possible to use the maternity capital for other purposes? By law, this can not be done.


It was later announced a decision on the use of family subsidies to repay previously issued mortgage loans. Since 2011, the law has allowed the use of these funds in order to transfer them to the personal accounts of certificate holders. This was done so that a family could independently build a house.

When you can use the parent capital, they do not know everything.

In 2015, the restriction was abolished, so now you can dispose of capital funds before the child reaches three years of age, if they go to pay initial mortgage payments. Since 2016, parents have the opportunity to use this certificate for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

Also in 2009 and 2010, payment was made from capital funds in the amount of 12,000 rubles. A similar anti-crisis stimulation in the amount of 20,000 rubles was provided the year before last.is it possible to use maternal capital up to 3

Thus, since the introduction of maternity payments, the rules for using the corresponding certificates have changed several times. The economic situation has made its own adjustments to the situation in the country's markets (financial, housing). Its influence also had a social and demographic policy. Throughout this period, the amount of maternity pay has grown, and the number of areas in which you can now manage this family grant has increased.

When can I use maternal capital? This is a frequent question.

Where can I apply the funds today?

In recent years, disputes about which additions should be made to the law as part of the use of funds from the maternal payment have not stopped.

So, it has repeatedly sounded options in which it was proposed to allow the purchase of a car. The possibility of keeping money from the moment of the birth of the second child on deposit accounts, which could allow a particular family to receive monthly interest, was put up for discussion. There is, moreover, a proposal to send funds for education directly to the parents of the child.

But today, the maternity payment can be spent only on directions previously established by law, namely:

  • Improving living conditions. In this case, one of the important conditions is the requirement that the property is located in Russia.
  • Payment for the education of the child. In this situation, money can be sent to paid services of an educational institution. This may be, for example, the content of the child in kindergarten. In this case, the payment is made for care, as well as supervision in a preschool institution. Another example is the tuition fee for an older child in a higher education institution or college. The certificate can be spent on paying for accommodation in a dormitory, which is provided to students during their studies.
  • In order to form the funded pension part of the certificate holder.
  • For social adaptation of children with disabilities. This direction is new. The funds have been allowed since last year as part of compensation for expenses for the purchase of services and goods by parents.you can use the parent capital up to 3 years

How much can you use the maternity capital?

As you know, until the child reaches the age of three, it will not be possible to use the funds of the program; they cannot be spent. However, there are exceptions. These are 2 situations in which the use of funds is still allowed immediately after delivery. If you use a certificate to pay off debt for the purchased housing and when you make a mortgage loan. Capital can be used as a down payment.

Having decided on the direction of use of the maternity subsidy necessary for yourself, you should contact any branch office of the Pension Fund and write a statement about the disposal of the certificate. The application will need to attach the required documents. Regardless of the chosen direction, the applicant is obliged to provide the following documentation:

  • a completed application indicating the option to dispose of the means of the parent certificate;
  • certificate of insurance holder;
  • documents that certify the identity of the certificate holder, as well as his place of residence.

Maternal subsidy and mortgage repayment

When can I use maternity capital to buy a home? According to Russian legislation, the subsidy can be implemented immediately to pay off the mortgage debt. Thus, the use of the certificate should be directly related to the loan taken to improve housing conditions. So, early transfer of funds is allowed for the following purposes:

Who should be a borrower?

The borrower under the loan agreement can be the certificate holder himself or his spouse. Thus, if one spouse already has a housing loan, then after the birth of her second child he can issue a certificate for the maternity payment. And after that, the person can immediately apply for the disposal of funds to repay the loan.

Fines and penalties are not paid?

The maternal subsidy funds cannot be sent to pay off any penalties, for example, commissions, penalties or for delay in meeting obligations under the loan agreement, and the like.when you can use maternity capital to buy

Thus, in the presence of overdue mortgage loans at the expense of government subsidies, people can repay the outstanding amount of the principal debt as well as interest. The remaining charges in the form of penalties, fines and penalties must be repaid solely at the expense of the personal funds of the borrowers.

This is the answer to the question of whether you can use the parent capital up to 3 years.

Cash withdrawal

A few years ago, families with children were twice given the opportunity to receive part of the maternal subsidy funds through banks to personal accounts of certificate holders. With them you could safely withdraw money in cash, but the amount should not exceed 25,000 rubles. For these purposes, it was only necessary to write to the Pension Fund a corresponding application for the provision of lump-sum payments.

Last year, it was possible to apply to the fund with an application for a payment of 25,000 rubles in accordance with Federal Law No. 181. In the current year it was decided not to pay such amounts.

Special features

Features of the provision of lump-sum payments from the total amount of capital through the bank are as follows:

  • The issuance of funds can be obtained immediately after the occurrence of the rights to the maternal subsidy by transferring to the beneficiary's account.
  • The resulting amount can be spent immediately on your own. This can be done for repairs and other payments.
  • There is no need to report on the spent money.
  • Receipt of payment can be provided on the actual balance of funds at the time of application if in the previous year some of the money was received.

Any other possible methods of cash withdrawal are considered illegal.

We answered the question: "After what time can the maternity capital be used?"is it possible to use the parent capital


Thus, despite all the difficulties and problems, over the past years, this subsidy has become regarded as a kind of brand in our country. Currently, the certificate is considered one of the advantages of the demographic component of the program of the state and of all domestic policies in general. Of course, the main merit in this belongs directly to the current leadership of the country, namely the president and the entire government.

Now you know when you can use the maternal capital.

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