What can you drink nursing mom?

A nursing mother should not only eat right, but also choose the right drink. Since compliance with these standards, it is fundamental for the healthy growth and development of the baby. That is why every mommy should know what to eat and drink, and what is absolutely impossible. So what can you drink nursing mom.

Proper nutrition and drinking of the newly-made mother is the basis for good growth and development of the infant that feeds on breast milk. That is why Mom must know what to add to her daily diet and drink. So what should you drink nursing mom?


The most useful and necessary drink for each person is naturally water. But it should be borne in mind that carbonated water is not suitable for the diet of a nursing mother. Because it stimulates the fermentation processes in the intestines of drinking this water. If you go to any store or supermarket, you will see a huge offer of juices. What can you drink nursing mothers from the whole cohort of the proposed juices? We will answer that it is better not to drink juice at all! Replace them only can be freshly squeezed. It is very easy to do: to buy a kilogram of necessary fruits just to pass them through a juicer.So your juice will be natural and healthy. Only be very careful about the choice of fruit, as citrus or tomato can cause an unwanted and problematic allergic reaction in a child, as can grape juice. Choose better apples, they are ideal for nursing mothers, especially if they are dark green.

Milk drink

Do not consume a lot of milk, it is a myth that drinking cow milk improves lactation! But the fact that this product can cause bloating of the tummy and colic in babies is proved by doctors. So drink no more than a glass a day. If you have the opportunity, it will be even more useful to use milk not in the whole form, but to include it in your diet, that is, add to other products. For example, cook your porridge in milk. Sour milk products (kefir, yogurt, yogurt) drink with pleasure they are very useful for you! Choose the average fat content. Low-fat dairy products do not suit you right now.

Coffee Tea

Can I drink caffeinated beverages to a nursing mother? These drinks can be drunk. But not strong, and not in large quantities.If you do not soak and get carried away with drinks containing caffeine, then your child will be excited and sleep restlessly. And to drink such drinks should be after feeding, but not before - so that the coffee houses had time to dissolve and not get into breast milk. Green tea contains in its composition a greater amount of caffeine than the usual coffee, so you should give it up. Replace it with compotes or fruit drinks or herbal teas.


Alcohol for nursing mothers is prohibited. Since its use greatly harms not only the mother’s body, but also the child’s body. So never drink alcohol while you are breastfeeding your baby!

What to drink when feeding, we have already learned, now the question is, how much to drink when feeding? It is not necessary to force yourself to drink a large amount of liquid, since this extra liquid will increase the load on the kidneys - an unwanted puffiness may appear in the baby's mother, and this will only interfere with normal feeding. But the lack of drinking too bad.

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