What was ice cream in the USSR

What was ice cream in the USSR

The era of ice cream in the Soviet Union started in 1936, when the people's food commissar Anastas Mikoyan, after his visit to America, formulated the main task: “to make ice cream a mass product, releasing it at affordable prices”. A year later, the first batch of treats came off the assembly line.

It was produced according to a single GOST, so in each city of the country citizens ate the same types of ice cream. True, the province of the assortment of ice cream reached in a truncated version.

Symbol of the era

Eskimo became a true symbol of the era. They decided to advertise a new product with the help of a penguin, which is associated with the consumer with cold and, apparently, with exotic. For the first decades, the Soviet popsicle was exclusively a handmade product: each glazed piece of wrapper was carefully wrapped in paper. The wand, by the way, was applied separately. And only in 1947, with the advent of special equipment, the production of an eskimo became more ambitious (it was started to be made not only in the capital), and the ice cream itself acquired the appearance of the “same” eskimo on a stick.

What was ice cream in the USSR

One of the most delicious was considered a popsicle with a name that seemed to have nothing in common with ice cream, - “Chestnut”. They parted with 28 kopecks for a portion without looking - too rarely they “threw” the “Chestnut” into the sale. More rarely, it was possible to buy not a creamy Kashtan ice cream, but a chocolate one.


Appearing in the mid-70s, "Lakomka" almost immediately became one of the most beloved delicacies of Soviet citizens. Ice cream was expensive - 28 kopecks. Not everyone was able to shell out for its purchase too often, so eating “Lakomki” became almost a holiday. The traditional “tube” of 12% ice cream was produced at Mozhladokombinat No. 8 on a western production line, which had no analogues in the Union. A distinctive feature of the product is that the glaze is applied not on the production line, but by dipping. According to legend, this technology was made possible by the invention of a certain unnamed locksmith, a craftsman who invented a special nozzle. The basis of "Gourmet" could be white or chocolate, but the applied frosting is exclusively made from milk chocolate.The gourmet clone was the Nutcracker ice cream, in which chocolate icing was generously seasoned with crushed nuts.

What was ice cream in the USSR

Sundae for 48 kopecks

Soviet ice-cream owes its legendary taste to a single GOST, which in the documentation was listed under the index 117-41. It was introduced in March 1941 and was considered almost the toughest in the world - only natural ingredients, and no “chemistry”!

One of the most expensive types of ice cream was ice cream for 48 kopecks. But its cost was determined not by special ingredients or a complex recipe, but by the volume of a portion. According to Soviet manufacturers, one 250-gram ice cream should have been enough for the whole family. How wrong they were! Each (!) Family member ate a whole portion in one sitting, generously pouring snow-white delicacy with jam or sprinkling with grated chocolate. "Family" ice cream was packed in foil, packed in a capacious glass of paper or a box of cardboard. By the way, it was rumored that the very boxes from under the “big ice cream” were glued to the neuropsychiatric dispensaries. In the children's mind, this caused horror, from which eating ice cream became even more pleasant.

What was ice cream in the USSR

Berry and not only ...

The lowest ratings of Soviet children had a fruit and berry ice cream (it was also called fruit and berry). But if you are “aground”, and the ice cream is as horrible as you want, then, as they say, “fruit and berry is ice cream”. To buy it, it was necessary to scrape together only 7 kopecks, and the coveted paper cup with bright red contents was in the hands. By the way, it was not easy to buy fruit ice cream: either it was produced little because of unpopularity, or, on the contrary, it was quickly bought up, including because of its low cost.

Later came the yellow ice cream with an exotic pineapple or lemon flavor. And it does not matter that it was not as tasty as ice cream or cream, the main thing is yellow! And the watchmen remember ice cream in the color of green tea and Tomato. The latter was produced in waffle cups, and the top was traditionally covered with ice cream in a paper circle with a picture of a contented tomato inviting to taste an exotic product. The taste of the "Tomato" ice cream, they say, was disgusting, so it is not surprising that it was quickly removed from production.True, today the Tomato ice cream has received a second birth. It is difficult, but can be found on the Russian shelves, while in Japan, for example, ice cream based on tomatoes, cream and garlic is sold in almost every store.

What was ice cream in the USSR

Two in one

The Soviet child could stand up to the operation to remove the tonsils only when he learned that the entire postoperative period would be fed with ice cream at public expense. Most likely, the most beloved is the plombir. But after all, it was possible for parents to take an opportunity to order ice cream, some unusual and rare. The choice often fell on the one in which the gastronomic dreams of all Soviet children were combined - ice cream and cake in one package. Creamy ice cream in a waffle cup, decorated with a pale cream rose, cost 19 kopecks. It can still be found in stores, with the appearance and so beloved in childhood rosette did not undergo, it seems, significant changes.

What was ice cream in the USSR

Ice cream from the Main Department Store became the legendary ice cream. In a waffle cup - creme brulee, chocolate, creamy - the first with which GUM is associated with several generations.It is still produced in the GUM itself, while the secret of its taste is kept in deep secrecy.

Not only outsiders - journalists and curious, but even store employees are not allowed into the production hall. Ice cream, which had become cult with time, began to be sold in the main department store on July 3, 1954. There are nine kinds of gum ice cream. The most popular until now is ice cream.

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