What was General Vlasov before becoming a traitor

What was General Vlasov before becoming a traitor

Lieutenant-General Andrei Andreevich Vlasov(1901–1946) - a person as legendary, just as "a mythological ...

At age 19, Andrei Vlasov joined the Red Army. After the end of the four-month commander courses he became a platoon commander and participated in the battles on the southern front. Fought against Baron Wrangel.

Mystery Attache

Showing himself on the fronts of the civil war, Andrei Vlasov was rapidly climbing the army career path. However, he held mostly staff, formal positions and was far from applied military science.

In 1929, Vlasov graduated from the Higher Army Command Courses "Shot". In 1930 he joined the VKP (b). In 1935 he became a student of the Military Academy named after MV Frunze. Information about the fate of Vlasov in the late 1930s is different for historians. According to one version, Vlasov was a member of the tribunal of the Leningrad and Kiev military districts and was directly involved in the Stalinist "purge" of the higher command personnel.Historians agree on one thing: in the fall of 1938, Vlasov was sent to China to work as part of a group of military advisers under Chiang Kai-shek. During this period, Vlasov proved himself as a skillful mystifier.

What was General Vlasov before becoming a traitor

According to his assurances, the Chinese side treated him with great respect, Vlasov even claimed that before leaving, Chiang Kai-Shek personally awarded Vlasov with the Order of the Golden Dragon, and his wife Chiang Kai-Shi gave him a watch. Upon arrival in the Soviet Union, both of these, as Vlasov said, were taken from him. However, the version of Vlasov at odds with the real state of affairs. In the customs declarations of that time there is not a word about the order or about the clock. Moreover, such an order did not exist in nature. Vlasov himself carefully thought out a story for himself. In fact, during his stay in China, the mystery attache was repeatedly seen in alcoholic boutiques and was found to have connections with young girls.

Exit from the environment

In the late 1930s, he became head of the division (in 1939, Vlasov was promoted to division commander of the Kiev Special Military District).

Thanks to his commanding and leadership qualities in September 1940, his division was awarded the Red Banner.

What was General Vlasov before becoming a traitor

During World War II, Andrei Vlasov began to command the 37th Army. His army fell into the fascist entourage near Kiev. In those days, more than half a million soldiers died, but Vlasov managed to get through the encirclement. Passed through the environment Vlasov is not one, but with his mistress. They dressed in simple peasant clothes and managed to cross the front line. The general left his army.

Then Vlasov was assigned to the Western Front, where he began to lead the 20th Army. The myth arose that possessing only 15 tanks, the Vlasov units halted the tank army of Walter Model in the suburb of Moscow Solnechegorsk, and drove the Germans 100 kilometers, freeing three cities. In the newspapers of that time, General Vlasov was called none other than the “savior of Moscow” and placed in one row with Georgy Zhukov. On the instructions of the Main Political Department, a book is being written about Vlasov called “Stalin's Commander”. In fact, Vlasov spent all this time in the hospital, where he was brought orders for a signature. No one saw the general on the battlefields, but they made a figure of propaganda out of him. While the other commanders were at the front, Vlasov gave an interview about his heroism and devotion to the Motherland.General Vlasov actively promoted Khrushchev, which, in fact, explains his rapid military career. Stalin himself respected General Vlasov, and considered him a very talented strategist and commander.

What was General Vlasov before becoming a traitor

Last operation

Not everyone liked these successes, so Andrei Vlasov managed to acquire many rivals and enviers. For example, K.A. Meretskov, who in 1942 commanded the Volkhov Front, suggested that Stalin send Vlasov to save the 2nd Shock Army, because he believed that only he could solve this difficult task instead of the wounded Krylov. In fact, Meretskov understood that the situation was hopeless. Vlasov arrived at the scene and made several attempts to break through the enemy ring, but to no avail, because the fighters were too exhausted. Realizing the complexity of the situation, he orders the fighters to retreat in small groups and move towards Staraya Russa to join the Luga Party. He occasionally managed to break through the enemy ring, but the German military stationed at the edges shot our soldiers as they tried to break through in this small corridor (it was only 300-400 meters).

Further, with a small group, he moved towards Chudov. His path was difficult, as not only the German military, but also the NKVD detachment led by Sazonov was hunting him. Andrei Vlasov was captured in July 1942. There are several versions of how exactly this happened.

What was General Vlasov before becoming a traitor

The German military leadership offered him cooperation, to which he agrees (collaborated with Goering, Himmler, Ribbentrop, Goebbels) and other high-ranking officials of the Gestapo and the Abwehr. The Germans didn’t treat very well to Andrei Vlasov, they called him a deserted pig, despised. Even Hitler did not want to meet him.

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What was General Vlasov before becoming a traitor 62

What was General Vlasov before becoming a traitor 52

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