What to take to Turkey?

Turkey every year attracts more and more Russians to its resorts. Tourists are interested in the history of the country, and beautiful nature, and the warm sea, and the wonderful climate, and excellent service at very reasonable prices. Having bought a vacation ticket to Turkey for a holiday, it is worth checking whether your documents are in order, as well as reviewing your luggage, and it’s good to think about what to bring to Turkey.


If you want to be allowed on a plane at no extra cost for the advantage, then your baggage should weigh no more than 20 kilograms per person, and the hand luggage that you take to the salon with you is not more than 5. Naturally, in your hand luggage You can put no liquid in a volume greater than 100 grams, except those that were purchased in Duty Free. By the way, the packaging must not be damaged.

Medicines: what you need to take to Turkey

Every Russian tourist who goes abroad is obliged to have insurance, according to which they will receive medical assistance if necessary, but it is absolutely necessary to collect a small first-aid kit and take it with you on a trip. It must include

  • Medications that you take constantly (if any).
  • Aspirin, Analgin, Paracetamol.
  • Plaster, bandage, brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide.
  • No-silo, activated carbon and other means used in indigestion and digestive disorders (for Turkey they are especially relevant, even if you go to an expensive hotel where good quality food is guaranteed, you can get frustration because food seems to be your body unusual).
  • Cosmetics for sunburn, after sunburn and sunburn. Of course, they can be bought on the spot, but in Turkey they are quite expensive.

It is worth knowing that the standard insurance does not provide for free medical care in the event of sunburn, sunstroke and the consequences of alcohol abuse.

What you need to take to Turkey: the necessary stuff

Are you going to go on excursions? Then you need comfortable shoes, such as sneakers or something like that. Be sure to take shorts, cap, slippers for swimming (to calmly go into the sea) and a handbag in a belt for money, mobile and documents. Do you smoke? Then stock up on cigarettes at home, as they are of dubious quality in Turkey, but they are also expensive. Yes, and do not forget the extra batteries for the camera, otherwise you will have to pay $ 5 for each on the spot.But bathrobes, towels, soap, and shampoo should not be taken, because the hotel has it all in stock.

Financial issue

Regarding finance, there are two questions: how much money can you take with you to Turkey and how much money you need to take with you to Turkey. You can carry with you an amount not exceeding 10,000 dollars. Money can be in currency or rubles (they are accepted in Turkey). As for how much money is actually needed, each person has his own requests. On average, for a holiday in a hotel where everything is included, you may hardly need the money for 10 days. If you are planning an active vacation, then you should know the basic rates for excursions, souvenirs and entertainment.

  • The cost of excursions is from 20 to 100 dollars, depending on the distance of the move and the organized type of food.
  • A kilogram of selected fruits in the Turkish market costs about one dollar.
  • Hammam from 25 to 40 dollars.
  • Dinner in a restaurant from 40 dollars per person.

And do not forget that tips are accepted in Turkey. Several lire and give the drivers of the tour bus, and the waiters, and maids, who clean your room.

What to take a child to Turkey

For a child, be sure to take antipyretic, cough drops, rhinitis, intestinal infections and gastric upset.Do not forget to stock up on a hat from the sun and an inflatable toy for the pool or the sea.

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