What to replace the bread?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
March 20, 2013
What to replace the bread?

Bread - a product about which there is a lot of controversy. Proponents of a healthy lifestyle strongly oppose its use. Others argue that it is impossible to do without bread, because in our country it has for centuries been the basis of the diet. So, is this product harmful, and how can bread be replaced?

Is it necessary to replace

To understand whether to replace the bread, find out that its composition does not benefit. First of all - it is refined flour (excess carbohydrates). Yeast, being in principle a useful product, many cause intolerance, bloating. Flatulence often arises from rye bread.

But how to refuse such a familiar and tasty product? A remarkable substitute for traditional bread is the loaves made from different cereals without the addition of yeast. But, hoping to lose weight when using them, remember: the calorie content of bread is approximately the same as that of bread. Now the bakery industry produces products from wholemeal flour, bran, including unleavened bread. What to replace the bread yet? A full replacement are cereals and legumes.You can simply add bran to different dishes.

Healthy bread

Healthy bread can be baked by yourself. Flour is now sold any: rye, buckwheat, oatmeal, corn, with bran. But how to bake bread without yeast? To do this, use the starter.

The recipe of their preparation is quite simple. It is required to mix flour, water, sugar and an acid base (kvass or kefir). The resulting mixture is left to sour for a couple of days, add a little more flour and leave for another 2 days. Sourdough make and potato broth. After that you can bake bread. The main thing - do not eat it fresh. Replace the bread can be fresh bread from cereals. Mix flour with water, butter and bake. Using our tips, you can find a variety of options for replacing purchased bread.

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