What to give to a friend for the New Year: ideas and recommendations

In December, many begin to fuss and run around the shops to find the most interesting gifts. And every time a question arises - what to buy for your close friends and relatives? The publication will give recommendations and suggest ideas that give a friend for the New Year.

Useful tips

what to give to a friend for the new year

Before you go shopping, start by learning a few important points. Do not seek to choose only the most expensive. Such a thing can easily be on the far shelf and lie there without work. Let the best of the present be modest, but very useful and desirable. And choose each gift for yourself. Do not forget about the beautiful packaging. It will create a festive atmosphere and show how much you value a person.

To make the purchase pleasant and useful, answer a few important questions. What little things like a friend? How is she resting? What do you do in your free time? If you think carefully, you will quickly understand what to give to your friend for the New Year 2018 or any other holiday.Never buy things that are associated with illness, sadness or other unpleasant moments. To facilitate the task, the article will provide specific examples of what can be put under the Christmas tree for your friends.

Win-win gift options

Perhaps a woman of any age will be happy to decorate. These can be earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings. Try to pick up the jewelry that will complement the dress or some outfit girlfriend. The perfect decoration will be the one she can wear on New Year's Eve.

Also in the top gifts is cosmetics and perfumes. But here it is important to know the preferences and specific firms. If you lose your choice, then the purchase will simply go to the trash. If you know exactly what to buy, then pack these products in a pretty cosmetic bag.what to give your best friend for the new year

Appliances for beauty just will not remain unappreciated. These can be curling irons, curling iron, hair dryer, iron, epilator, floor scales and so on. Perhaps the girl has something broken or she has long dreamed of some kind of device. If so, then you know exactly what to give your girlfriend for the New Year.

Do not be afraid to give clothes and shoes.But you must be one hundred percent sure in size and taste preferences. It can be funny slippers, cozy pajamas, a nice suit for the house and anything else. You can also give a watch, purse, or an interesting handbag on New Year's Eve. Perhaps it was these accessories that your girlfriend lacked.

Gifts for a teenage girl

Do you have a teenage girlfriend that you don’t know what to give for the New Year? No problem! Usually girls at this age have favorite musical performers. Therefore, they will appreciate the T-shirt with the image of the group, a quality poster, and even more - a ticket to the concert.

Also think about what the girl lacks right now. Maybe this is an elegant blouse, cosmetics, warm scarf, hat or mittens. Does the girlfriend love to read? Then buy an interesting book. If she draws, then look for a set of the artist. Include fantasy and go looking for a gift!

How to please your best friend

This best friend is your soulmate, called sister. Therefore, it deserves a special surprise that tells about your feelings. If you can, spend more money on it than on presents to other friends.

So, what to give a friend for the New Year? Photos made by a professional in a fabulously beautiful forest or in a beautiful studio will be a valuable and memorable surprise. You can hand the certificate for two, so that she took joint pictures with you or with her boyfriend.what to give to a friend for the new year 2018

Also, the best friend can be pleasantly surprised by a subscription to spa treatments, yoga, dancing, gym or swimming pool. Perhaps she had long wanted to go to the cinema, museum, theater, ride a horse or even jump with a parachute. Of course, you should first find out if a girl is afraid of heights, horses, and whether she wants to receive a gift as a gift.

Gift ideas for needlewomen

If the hobby of a girlfriend is needlework, then you have plenty of options for New Year's gifts. Even if it will be a modest thing, but which she will use in her hobby. For example, it can magazines with ideas (or annual subscription to them), materials for creativity (quality beads, yarn). You can also search for an interesting needle bar, original caskets, baskets, organizers for storing small items and tools, or a convenient lamp that has a mount and a flexible leg.

How to please hostesses

This category can also tell you what to give your best friend for the New Year.After all, usually hostess who love to cook, hand kitchen appliances, and it costs, as you know, is not cheap.

So, this list may include bread maker, electric meat grinder, multifunctional blender, coffee maker, ice maker, yogurt maker, marinator, sandwich maker, pizza maker, kitchen scales, and more.what to give a friend for the new year's original

If you are looking for more budget gifts, then look at cute sets of spatulas, kitchen towels, beautiful aprons or bakeware.

Gifts for pregnant women

When deciding on a surprise for a friend who is in a position, remember that during this period women become especially unpredictable, touchy and very emotional. Therefore, ideally, a gift should be uplifting, be useful and practical. Also consider the duration of the pregnancy where your girlfriend is located. If this is the first trimester, then perhaps she has not yet become accustomed to the situation. Therefore, it is better to buy something that does not apply to this topic.

So, what to give a pregnant girlfriend for the New Year? If she has her first child, then the diary or encyclopedia for the future mother will be very useful.Also, the multicooker may be useful to the girl, because with the advent of the kid there will be almost no time for cooking. Such a gift then even appreciate her husband. You can also choose any device for exercise or sports. Pregnant women are very helpful.

In the second trimester, a friend can be pleased with special cosmetics for women in the position, a certificate from a store for babies and mothers. At the end of pregnancy, floor scales, a back-relieving pillow, and other items that create comfort will be useful. Also a nice gift will be a beautiful handmade photo album, where parents will put all the memorable pictures with the baby.

Gifts of Interestwhat gift to give to a friend for the new year

True friends know all about the interests and hobbies of each other. Therefore, taking into account the lifestyle, you can choose a great useful gift. Do you think that giving a friend a New Year's Eve is original? Here are some tips:

  • The athlete will be delighted with a smart watch, a small simulator, a practice mat, a set of warm clothes for winter runs or a ski pass.
  • An amateur cook will have to taste an interesting cook book, a device for making rolls or a set for spices and seasonings.
  • Avtoledi will appreciate the flavor of the cabin, a thermocup for a car, a cover for a steering wheel, a USB flash drive or a computer mouse in the form of a car.
  • An inveterate traveler will like a brand new suitcase, an orthopedic pillow, a portable charger or a magnetic card to mark the countries in which she has already visited.
  • An animal lover can be presented with a bed for her pet or a T-shirt with the image of her favorite little animal.
  • The girl, engaged in the cultivation of indoor flowers, will appreciate the plant, which is not yet in her collection. Just in time for the New Year, it will be appropriate to present a beautiful euphorbia, which is called a Christmas star.
  • A stylish scarf, a leather cosmetic bag, a manicure set, stockings, underwear and other gizmos will come in handy for a fashionista.
  • What to give for a New Year girlfriend who loves everything original? This may be a blanket with sleeves, a chair bag, a T-shirt with the original inscription, a telescope or a projector lamp.
  • Such things as a personal wallet, an umbrella cane, a notebook, a stylish pen or a leather folder for documents will be useful for a business woman.

Cheap gifts to friends

what to give a pregnant friend for the new year

If a friend invited you to celebrate the New Year, bring a small edible gift with you. Make a delicious salad, make a snack at the table, bake a cake or fortune cookies. Culinary surprise can be supplemented with a bottle of champagne decorated by you.

Also low-cost but good gifts can be scented candles, small Christmas trees, figurines or key rings with the symbol of the year, New Year's sock filled with sweets, sparklers, colorful glasses, curly glasses, pressed towels and other pleasant trifles.

DIY gifts

A thing made with love with your own hands - this is exactly what it will not be a shame to present to a friend for the New Year. Use the following ideas for inspiration:

  • Christmas candles.
  • Christmas balls.
  • Gingerbread houses or gingerbread men.
  • Kitchen clock, decorated with spices and coffee beans.
  • Casket or piggy bank using decoupage technique.
  • Warm blanket or patchwork bedspread (can be stitched or knitted).
  • Brooch or hairpin with foamiran flower.
  • Mitts as a symbol of the year.
  • Fragrant soap.

what to give to a friend teenager for the new yearOf course, you need to realistically assess your capabilities so that your handmade present can compete with the purchased gifts.

Addition to surprise

Now you know what gift to give to a friend for the New Year. But do not forget about the important little things to get a presentation more pleasant.

Be sure to pack a gift to add a little intrigue and spark interest. Optionally, you can make a small New Year's bouquet or a composition of balloons. It is also nice to receive a postcard with warm sincere words or a bag of sweets, which are always nice to eat after a long holiday gathering. Include fantasy and delight your friends!

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