What should be a lawn in the country?

Walk barefoot on the soft grass, sunbathing,arrange a picnic, have fun with children at the dacha - what could be better in the summer? Especially for these purposes, many summer residents leave the area under the green lawn. A neat trimmed herb is an ideal place to relax. That's why the lawn in the country is not a luxury, but a necessity. It pleases the eye, keeps moisture, and on hot days the temperature above it is several degrees lower than over the rest of the territory. Psychologists note the beneficial effect on the human psyche, as spacious green areas contribute to relaxation and distance from urban fuss.

lawn at the cottageThere is also a practical benefit from thislandscaping: the soil becomes well-structured, dust and dirt disappear, weeds do not grow. But it is worthwhile to understand that not every cut grass is a lawn in the country.

Types of lawns

To date, there are many culturesfor gardening. But in any case, if it is not an artificial lawn, it is a turf of grass and cereals. Arrange such a beauty in your summer cottage is not difficult, if you buy a ready-made roll lawn. Horticultural stores offer a coiled turf, completely ready to be transplanted to the right place. But the shelf life of such rolls is not too great - up to 3 days. If during this time it was not possible to land the entire lawn in the country, then some of it will die. There is another option - to buy a ready mix for planting in the form of seeds and sow in a specially designated place.

Preparing for planting

Often, not knowing what to plant in the country, gardenersdecide to sow open spaces with a mixture for gardening, believing that a beautiful lawn will turn out. Such a way of landing will not lead to the desired results, since it is necessary to carry out a number of preparatory measures.what to put in the country

First, all weeds are deleted. To do this, herbicides of the "Ground" type are used. About a week later the weeds will die, and a week later you can prepare the land for digging.

Secondly, to level the surface of the earth. Remove old plantings, hummocks, dig, level and compact the earth. This measure will allow you to easily care for the future lawn. During the digging remove the rhizome of weeds.

Thirdly, it is good to fertilize the soil, shed, andonly then proceed to landing. Covering materials will accelerate the germination of seeds. And the first mowing is carried out two weeks after the appearance of the first shoots.

Care and watering of the lawn

It should be noted that the lawn at the dacha requirescertain care. For many, this is a rather laborious process. Need regular watering, otherwise the bright beautiful grass will turn into a fading meadow. Regular mowing is necessary not only for aesthetic purposes. The more grass is cut, so it becomes denser, displaces weeds and withstands trampling. The green area starts to inseminate, crawl along the site, and the low grass will turn into a magnificent weed.landscape design in the countryAny arrangement of a suburban area requiresefforts and timeliness. That's why they recommend starting with small lawns. This is the best option for those who try to create a landscape design in the country. Small neat lawns in the ensemble with alpine slides, paths and flower beds will create a unique fabulous view in your garden.

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