What music to listen to?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
December 21, 2012
What music to listen to?

Suppose you decide to listen to music, but which one you don’t know. Indeed, the variety of different musical groups and just singers is impressive. Moreover, today we have access to the Internet, which means access to absolutely any music. If you do not know what music to listen to, you should proceed from your mood and what you want to do with this music. You understand that music for relaxation in the bathroom will not work if you decide to shake your mohawk and take revenge on your neighbors for an apartment renovation on a weekend day. And vice versa.

Choosing music

What kind of music can you listen to in this or that case? It all depends on the situation.

  • So, if you have a romantic mood, you want to be sad, it means that we recommend you to listen to something calm. Listen to Russian pop music: Irina Dubtsova, maybe the singer Elka, Bilan, Lazarev, Valeria. If you do not like pop music, but prefer rock, then Zemfira, Aria can approach romantic mood. From foreign - Evanescence.
  • If you miss the nineties, you can listen to Hands Up, the Paint group and other popular bands of the time.
  • If you plan to engage in active sports, then you should prepare a fast and energetic music. Romantic "daub" will not work, leave it for more relevant cases. When playing sports, something like Rammstein or Slayer is great if you are a guy and love metal. Or any club tracks without words, if you are a girl.
  • If you are practicing yoga or meditation, you can recommend that you do dynamic Osho meditation. For each individual meditation on the Internet, you can find the appropriate musical accompaniment.
  • For a romantic date, dinner, we recommend to buy or download one of the special romantic collections, which so far have been released a lot. And if, say, the piano can be a little depressing, then the saxophone, on the contrary, can kindle a fire of passion within you and your second half.
  • If you are going with friends to nature or just sit with someone at a party, then pre-record the most diverse music. Starting from DDT and ending with Verka Serduchka.Indeed, in your company there may be fans of one genre of music, as well as another. The main thing is that the music was fun.
  • If you want to wander around the evening city in thought, then both classical and rap music or such an interesting musician like Akira Yamaoka can be suitable. It all depends on your character and preferences.

It is impossible to unequivocally say what music to listen to this or that person, even without seeing it in front of him. Nevertheless, we very much hope that our advice has already helped you to decide.

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