What is the biggest metro in the world?

To the question "Which metro is the largest in the world?" There is a clear answer - New York, one of the oldest on Earth.the largest metro in the worldThe first underground station was opened in 1906. Such areas of the city as Manhattan, Brooklyn, Quinx and Bronx are covered by the metro completely.

Paramount Parameters

So, in the only 8th place in the ranking of the largest cities in the world, New York is the largest metro in the world. There are many indicators that determine the priorities of one or another metro - the length of the routes, the volume of passenger traffic, the longest or the most beautiful, or the comfortable branch or route. There is such an indicator as the best or the shortest, or the intricate metro in the world. There are dozens of indicators that characterize the advantages of this democratic, popular, in demand, but inaccessible due to the lack of transport. So, in Australia and Africa, on these huge continents, the underground is present in two or three cities.

Slight retreat

It is very pleasant that in the ranking of the best world systems of this type the Moscow metro takes the third position after London and Paris. Another record in the capital of Russia - Moscow subway occupies second place after Tokyo in terms of congestion. the largest metro station in the worldAnd the first place in the top three "beauty" belongs to the station "Komsomolskaya" (although this is disputed with anguish).

The biggest

Total metro and transport systems of this type in the world, there are 165 units. There is the busiest metro, the deepest, the most beautiful. But the largest subway in the world is in New York. He holds the first place in the total length of the routes - 1355 km (1056 passengers are used), by the number of routes - 26 and lines - 29 (in the metro of this city, these two concepts are fundamentally different - the lines have names, and the routes that indicate the direction of the route, numbers. It happened because the subway was built by two different companies). Another record owns the New York subway - it is the only one in the world working around the clock. It goes without saying that the largest car fleet in the world (6,000 units) is located here.And the largest number of metro stations in the world is also here - 468 (second place in Paris with 303 stations).

One of the oldest

The oldest underground in the world was built in London in 1863. And the first New York branch, 95 meters long, was built 58 days under Broadway between Murrau Street and Warren Street in 1865. But the official date of occurrence is 1868, when the land line with the cable carriage was replaced, the steam line was replaced in 1871, and the electric one in 1890. And although now about 40% of the roads are laid on the ground or above it, the subway in the United States is called the “subway” (subway literally sub-path).

Special world

 the largest number of metro stations in the worldThe largest metro in the world is the old and "special quarter" of New York, one of the constituent parts of its element. The metropolitan of this city has its own achievements, which are included in the Guinness Book of Records - the minimum time required to bypass all metro stations - with and without stops at stations. The metro of the city has its own laws - after 12 nights it is better not to go down into it. There are a lot of abandoned stations here, a lot of rats (there is not a single article about this point where this fact is indicated), and the cleanest is the largest metro in the world.

The most beautiful, but not acting

Grief and imagination conceived as the largest, central and original station in New York Cite Hall. This is really the most beautiful metro station in the entire American metropolis. The author's project envisaged a unique roundness of the track, which in 1945 did not allow to lengthen the platform in order to fit it into new trains. The City Hall is amazingly beautiful - brass lamps and lanterns all around its perimeter, decorated City Hall with high arches lined with tile patterns. It resembles the Central Station of this city in miniature. Its architecture is so good and elegant that, over time, it became a peculiar landmark of New York. Residents and guests of the city can visit and admire it - 6 trains go here, guided tours are organized. And it is not scary to visit the station because it is turned into a kind of gallery. Street artists can realize their creativity here.

Scruffy but informative

To the description of the New York Metro, you can add that over the day its services are used by more than 5 million people.In the ranking of the world's best metros, the list is headed by the London system, the New York City subway is at the 7th position. The reason for this - put pollution and the rare movement of trains. If you look at a retrospective of photos from the New York subway, you will have a depressing impression - it is so filthy and ugly, except that the oldest stations are somewhere decorated with mosaics. But the cars here are air-conditioned since the pre-war times, the subway is literally crammed with various information. There are amenities such as the ability to leave from one stop along two or three different routes.

Stunning imagination

The largest metro station in the world is not in this metropolis, but in the city of Dubai, the largest in the United Arab Emirates. The total area of ​​the station is 20,000 square meters. meters It is called "Union Square". It is a two-level, and this record has increased the list of the world's largest, which this country is rightly proud of - the tallest building on the planet and the longest automatic metro line. And the metro of this city is the most high-tech in the world.what is the largest metro in the worldThe first stage of the project was completed only in 2009.

Huge unique system

From the “most-most” series there are indicators such as the largest metro scheme in the world. Logically, we can assume that the largest metro has the largest scheme. But in parallel, there are indicators such as the most intricate metro (Tokyo) and the largest subway grid in the world, which Shanghai has.

London, Tokyo and Shanghai metro map

Taking into account the fact that the metro is one of the most accessible means of transport for the majority of the population, an important indicator is the fare. The cheapest on the planet is the subway of the city of Pyongyang. Traveling on this type of transport costs 5 North Korean passengers (30 Russian kopecks, or 0.5 US cents). the largest metro scheme in the world

It can be reported that the most expensive metro is in London - 2 pounds 10 pence. And someone claims that the most expensive metro is Tehran or Dnepropetrovsk. In New York, the subway fare is $ 2.25, a weekly pass is $ 29, and a month is $ 105.

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