The writing “What is kindness?”: Plan, content, example

The essay “What is Kindness?” Is one of the variants of mini-essays offered to ninth-grade graduates in the Russian language exam.

writing what kindness

Algorithm compilation

In order to successfully cope with the task, to write a quality essay on the topic “What is kindness”, it is necessary to use a certain algorithm. First you need to study the statement proposed in the assignment. Next you need to read the task itself, analyze it.

At the next stage, it is important to correctly identify the main idea of ​​the proposed utterance.

For example, the essay "What is kindness" implies an analysis of this term, features of its manifestation.

Next, you need to consider a version of the entry, which includes no more than three sentences. The mini-essay “What is Kindness” implies an indication of the position of the author of the statement, a demonstration of his own attitude to this problem.

Among the words that can be used in the preparation of the introduction, select "the author argues, analyzes, notes."

In order for the essay “What is Kindness” to be complete and highly appreciated by experts, it is important to show your attitude to this issue, using the words “I agree with the author, I share the position of the author, I have to agree.”

In the main part of the essay it is necessary to consider the problem in more detail, give an example from literary sources, add a description of your own experience.

In order for the essay “What is kindness” to be appreciated positively, it is necessary to give at least two arguments in it.

Any exam paper, regardless of its subject matter, must have a conclusion. It can be begun with the words “in this way,” or “we have seen that.” The following is the result of research that was obtained by the author as a result of the analysis of arguments.

such kindness composing reasoning

Graduation essay scheme

The writing on the Russian language “What is kindness” can be written using one of several types of schemes.

In one embodiment, the thesis is first used, the author's attitude towards good and evil is reflected, and his attitude to this phenomenon is indicated. The following are two arguments that are related to the topic of good.At the end of the argument a clear conclusion is made.

According to the second scheme, an essay on the theme “What is kindness” begins with the author's statement (thesis). Then you can imagine your own attitude to good and evil, to give an example from classical literature. Then the second argument is selected, an example is given that confirms it. At the end of the essay is a conclusion.

an essay on what kindness

First example

Here are some examples of examination papers, the topic of which is “What is kindness”. Writing-reasoning can be based on various literary sources, the student himself selects them.

Kindness is a positive quality that anyone living on our planet should possess. Only a kind person is able to help people who find themselves in difficult conditions, need support. People during the war share the last piece of bread. In peacetime, they donate blood, helping those who are in trouble to survive. Real kindness is manifested not in beautiful words, but in support and understanding.

After the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan, thousands of civilians were among the victims. People from different countries of the world rushed to help the Japanese, and Russia was no exception. Popular wisdom says: "Kindness will save the world."

People have always considered good the quality that is necessary for any person. No wonder in fairy tales, it always triumphs over evil.

Today, fewer people have this amazing quality. Many adults are selfish and indifferent; they only deal with their own affairs and problems. Instead of normal human communication, people use computers and mobile phones. The man began to depend on the Internet, he lost his soulfulness, lost compassion.

In my opinion, you need to think about how to do another person good. It is impossible to indifferently pass by people who ask for help. If a person seeks only his personal well-being, he ceases to be a man. A.P. Chekhov recalled: "Hurry to do good." How relevant is his statement at the present time!

what is kindness composition ohe

Second sample

We give another version of the final work on the topic "What is kindness." Writing-reasoning can begin with the problem of wealth and poverty.

Kindness is a positive quality that any person on our planet should possess. Good is a pleasant and bright feeling that brings joy, smiles to other people. It can be compared with real happiness.

My friends believe that good people are not able to offend, deceive, demean the dignity of another person.

In my understanding, the word “good” is disinterested help to those who need support and understanding. For me, a pleasant act will be the work done at the behest of my heart.

Every person is born good, but this quality is manifested in everyone in different ways. Someone tries to support colleagues and friends, someone is happy when there are no unfortunate people near him. I am absolutely convinced that kindness is a tremendous force!

what is kindness essay with arguments

One more example

We speculate on what kindness is. Writing with arguments on this topic is one of the options for assignments offered to ninth grade graduates. We give a variant of the finished reasoning concerning this problem.

What is kindness? Definition for writing, you can take any. But they all boil down to the fact that good is a concept that does not have self-interest and envy. It is associated with generosity, compassion, desire to benefit other people.

This term is associated with love, joy, a positive attitude towards other people, living nature. V. V.Mayakovsky reasoned in his poems about evil and good. He confirms that fine line that exists between these two terms. They are the fundamental concepts of morality.

Despite the fact that for several centuries, mankind has been fighting evil, people are in no hurry to do good. I am convinced that the situation that has developed in the modern world is bringing humanity closer to self-destruction. If the good cannot protect itself, compassion and mutual understanding will disappear, people will turn into evil and cunning creatures.

mini essay what kindness

The ratio of evil and good

Let's continue the conversation about what kindness is. The writing of the OGE associated with this topic should be confirmed by arguments from literary sources. Many of the actions that people do are connected with good intentions. But, as you know, "the road to hell is sent by good intentions."

This expression suggests that initially people commit acts that are aimed at helping others, but in the end they do not always turn out to be good deeds. Increasingly evil is covered by good.

The situation that has been observed in the world in recent years shows that people stop appreciating good, and more and more often their actions are connected only with the achievement of personal gain.

What is good

This question should be covered in the final essay, so let us dwell on it in more detail. Good is a gift that does not imply self-interest. People help each other without demanding material benefits in return. Many Russians have an innate need to do good deeds, help people in need.

Unfortunately, in the world of innovative technologies, more and more attention is paid to material values ​​and benefits, and less time is devoted to ordinary human relationships, communication with friends and relatives. The warmth and responsiveness in our day can be safely entered into the Red Book.

essay on the Russian language what kindness

Selection of arguments for writing

Kindness can make a person happy. Happiness and kindness can be considered two sides of the same coin. By giving others his love, a person receives in return happiness and harmony.

An example of mutual assistance can be considered a situation that occurred in the metro of St. Petersburg. There were no indifferent people, everyone tried to help those who suffered from the actions of a terrorist. This argument is a confirmation that people are capable of doing good without thinking about what material benefits they will receive.


Any examination essay written by ninth grade graduates implies the observance of a specific sequence of actions. For example, if a child writes a reasoning on kindness on the OGE, he must first quote a quotation, show an attitude to the thought that is proposed by the author. In order for an essay to be counted, a student must give at least two arguments. They are selected in accordance with the main theme of the final essay.

One of them can be taken from literary works, and the second can be based on personal experience. In the structure of the essay, certain sections must be observed. In the introduction it is important to show your position towards kindness. The main part involves the consideration of two arguments, confirmation of the importance and significance of good. In the final part of his work, the student draws a conclusion about the extreme importance of good deeds, their predominance over aggression and anger.

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