what is HR

what is HR

  1. HR (short for Human Resources, literally human resources, is pronounced aych-ar) is the name of the corporate services involved in recruiting and evaluating personnel, as well as other aspects of personnel management.
    "What is hr" - it was with such a request users addressed Yandex 278 times in December last year.
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    Today the abbreviation hr (hr-manager) is not so well known in wide circles. Many people are more familiar with such names of these specialists as a human resource manager or a human resources officer.
    There is an opinion that people are more aware of the reduced pr than hr. At the same time, as a rule, the name of a PR-manager is more understandable than the Manager of Public Relations. However, judging by the statistics of Yandex, the query that such pr was addressed to the 1082 search engine times, which is approximately 4 times more likely to query what is hr. Perhaps this is due to the fact that people are more often faced with the PR topic (not only at work, but also in life), and accordingly there are more questions.

    PS Just in case, we will give a transcript for those who do not yet know what hr is and, apparently, got to this site accidentally =)
    1) hr short for "human resources", which in English means "human resources".
    2) HR Manager is a specialist in human resources management. As a rule, in the company, he performs the functions related to the selection of personnel, the development of adaptation programs, motivation, integrated assessment (certification), etc.

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