What is France called?

France occupies the entire western part of Europe. In addition, she owns some islands in the Mediterranean, Africa and the Pacific Ocean. France is known to us as a country of polite, talented and industrious people who fought for freedom and democracy. And, of course, by making a significant contribution to the development of world science, culture and art. But why France was called France?

Theories of the origin of the name "France"

To date, there are many differentTheories concerning the origin of the name of the state of Western Europe. And those who are not indifferent to this fabulous country, ask themselves the question, how do they call France differently?

  • The name "France" from the Latin language "Francia" has a literal meaning - "the land of the Franks".
  • One of the theories says that the name came from the proto-German word "Francon", which can be translated as "ax or spear of francs", known to us as "Franciscus".
  • Other ethnologists suggest thatOld German, the franc can be translated as "fighting against slavery". Until now, this word lives in French. It is also translated: "franc", including the name of local money (before the arrival of the euro in 2000).
  • But the word could have an ethnic namefrancs and vice versa. Since at that time only the francs were considered a victorious class and had the status of free people. In Germany, France today is called "Frankreich", which means "the kingdom of the Franks".
  • Leaving back in history, it should be noted that withthe end of the second millennium BC. the tribes of the Celts began to arrive on the territory of the Romans. They, the Gauls, as they were called by the Celts, were the basis of the French people, therefore in ancient times the country was called - Gaul.
  • In the 58 - 52's. BC. e. Gallia was conquered by the Romans, who for five centuries reigned in these territories. But in the 5th century, some Germanic tribes invaded Gaul, such as: the Franks, the Burgundians, the Visigoths, and later the Huns. By the end of the 5th century. the whole Gallia was conquered by the Franks. They gave their name to the country and the people.
  • First, the territory of modern France was occupied by the West Frankish Kingdom, which was established in 843. And from the 10th century the country began to be called France.

How the French call their country

The French call modern France "The Fifth Republic". From the history of France in those days in the country were two alternating political systems. The monarchy succeeded the republic.

And in 1958 there is a modern - the Fifth Republic. Everything happened after serious amendments to the Constitution, which changed the structure of power.

Since then, the French have called France the "Fifth Republic". The historical way of the state to the modern political structure of society is connected with this.

Association about France in the world

Yet most of us regard France as a country of romance and frogs. If we consider individual regions, for example:

  • Paris is a haute couture legislator and perfume capital of the world;
  • Nice - high-tech valley;
  • The banks of the river Loire can be called a valley of castles;
  • And, finally, Hexagone is a hexagon; this figure resembles the territory of France on the map.

France is an amazing country of romance, beauty andrefinement. A country that has a rich history. The country of wine and cooking, the birthplace of perfumery and the fashion center. Call it what you want, but all of us will still know what it's all about - France, where every region of the country is charming and unlike any other corner in the world.

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