What is a thesis?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 15, 2012
What is a thesis?

Thesis - one of those words that are constantly on the hearing. We approximately know its value, but we cannot precisely formulate it. Let's try to figure out what the thesis is with concrete examples.

The meaning of the word thesis

Depending on the sphere in which human knowledge uses this word, what the thesis means will change.

In science

The main idea, the fundamental statement - in scientific work. Hence, such a thing as the abstract plan is also known. You write only reference phrases from your scientific work, isolating the most important thing. For example, in the article titled "The main characteristics of postmodernism," theses will be: simulacrum, literary game, lacunae, intertextuality, etc.

In discussions

A controversial statement requiring proof is in discussions. For example, the thesis about the need for pension reform.

In versification

The unstressed part of the foot - in the ancient world. For example, in the line "The storm tempestly conceals the sky", the shock will be BU, IHO, NOT, KRO, and unstressed (theses) - aia, yu, bo, et.

In music

The main, striking part of the measure is music.The first part in any measure is the shock, and it will be a thesis. In the waltz, where there are three accounts, the first beat will be a thesis - ONE-two-three.

In philosophy

The initial stage of dialectical development is for Hegel’s philosophy. Using the general meaning of the word "thesis" as a basis, Hegel rethinks it in his philosophy. His thesis is a fundamental principle, the reason for further dialectical development.

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