What is a sex symbol?

Lena Kondulainen
How do you think? A person who behaves this way or who looks like this
Here Monroe suffered all his life from the title of sex-bomb. She tried to dress more modestly, read smart books, and married serious men to go out. Dreamed of tragic roles and a dramatic scene. But nothing helped. Half a century has passed since her death, even more, but Marilyn has no equal ...
Lena KondulainenIs that our Lenochka Kondulainen?) The fatal beauty of cold Finnish blood. This one happily wore the crown of a sex symbol. And rightly so! If you have something to show, why not make the men happy?) He will not lose his talent, but he has a student from Tovstonogov.
Lena Kondulainen
Photo by Alexey Romanov
In the dashing 90s, Lena was published in what her mother gave birth, traveled naked behind the wheel of her car, starred in explicit scenes, founded the Free Love Party, in general, fully corresponded to the title of "sex symbol of the USSR." The times were alarming and I really wanted to believe that beauty would really save the world. It’s better to think about sex than about war, isn't it?)
Today is Lena's birthday, she is still luxurious, talented and,still, first.

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