What is a rocket?

The rocket is an aircraft thatMoves in space due to the action of reactive traction, which arises from the rejection of a part of its own mass. The flight of a rocket can proceed without the presence of an ambient air or gaseous medium. Let's take a closer look at what a rocket is and why it can fly in space.

Missile: the principle of action

So, as we have already said, the rocket does not need a medium for flight, and therefore it can move in space and vacuum. The rocket engine can work on solid, liquid and hybrid fuels.

The pushing force that moves the rocket is formeddue to the gases that are formed during the combustion of fuel and fly out into space through a special part of the rocket - the nozzle. The missiles, as a rule, are supplied with several stages, which are discarded as fuel is burned.

Missile weapons

The rockets are not only launched into space, they are alsouse in military affairs as an effective defeat of goals. To control a missile, a pilot is not needed, they are equipped with a homing system. Combat missiles can develop very high speed, they are compact in size, and therefore have a high level of accuracy and maneuverability.

Rockets in science

Missiles are used for scientific purposes, geophysical and meteorological rockets probe the upper layers of the atmosphere, mainly the mesosphere and the ionosphere.

Rocket sport

Rocket sport involves modelingminiature rockets and their launch. Rocket sport is quite popular, those who engage in this hobby even organize competitions in which they demonstrate the advantages of their missiles both in design and in flight.

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