What is a rainbow in nature?

One of the most stunning phenomena of inanimate natureIs a rainbow. She always surprised and amazed with her beauty. Scientists have long speculated about this mysterious effect. As everyone knows, a rainbow in nature accompanies the rain, as if accompanying it. Its appearance depends on how the cloud that brought precipitation moves. It occurs before the rain, during it or when it has already ended.

What it is?

This is a colored arc with an angular radius of 42 °, it can besee against the rain. It is found in that side of the sky, which is opposite to the sun. This despite the fact that the sun is not covered by clouds. Very often such conditions are created in the hot season, that is, in the summer, when mushroom rains come. The center of the rainbow is an antisolar point, diametrically opposite to the Sun. Even small children know that there are seven colors in the rainbow. And also it can be seen near fountains and waterfalls. She appears on the background of drops.

rainbow in nature

Where does this mysterious colorful color come from?shine? A rainbow in nature is a sunlight broken into parts, it is its source. It moves in such a way that it seems to us coming from that part of the sky, which is opposite to the Sun. Features of the rainbow explains the theory of Descartes-Newton. It was created more than three hundred years ago.

The thing that spreads a beam of light onits particles, is called a prism. If it comes to the appearance of a rainbow, then it is helped by drops of rain or water. Because they play the role of that very prism. A rainbow in nature is a huge spectrum or strip of multicolored lines that are formed as a result of decomposing when passing through raindrops.


The shades are arranged in a strict order. It looks, for example, like this: "Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is sitting". It's very easy to remember. The first letter in each word corresponds to the name of the color on the rainbow itself:

  • Red.
  • Orange.
  • Yellow.
  • Green.
  • Blue.
  • Blue.
  • Purple.

rainbow as a natural phenomenon

The rainbow in nature appears at a time whentogether with the stream of rain the sun shines. To see this magnificent phenomenon, it is necessary to be between the celestial luminary and, of course, precipitation. Only the Sun should be behind, and the downpour - in front.

Rainbow as a natural phenomenon

This radiant, colorful paint alwayswas interested in primitive peoples. They invented different stories and stories. For example, the rainbow is revealed above the planet, and birds from paradise and soul rest on it. And the Slavs have long believed that the rainbow as it drinks water from lakes, seas and rivers, like a snake, dropping its sting, gaining water and raining. There is a strange belief that an evil witch will one day steal a celestial arc, and there will be a drought on the planet that will destroy all life.

rainbow phenomenon of nature

Each country has its own beliefs thattalk about national heroes. Here, for example, the Arabs believed that the rainbow is the bow of the god Kuzakh. And after a hard battle with the dark forces who did not want the Sun to shine in the sky, he hung his weapons on the clouds. Or that the rainbow is a line between the earth and the sky. And the souls that lived in the sky descend on it, visiting our planet. Croats believe that God teaches women to combine the right colors with the help of a rainbow, since it contains seven primary colors.

A small conclusion

The rainbow is a phenomenon of nature, which strikes itsbeauty. For many people, it represented a symbol of great success, especially if it was lucky to see it double. And if you managed to drive under it or pass, then luck will haunt you everywhere! And the children are very happy when they see this miracle of nature, so colorful and mystical, coming up with their stories and wonderful fairy tales. And most importantly - they unconditionally believe in them and share with others.

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