What is a pump?

Pumps are widely used in modern life. Consider what a pump is and why it is needed.

The pump is a kind of pump that can be used to solve a variety of tasks.

Pump and its purpose

  • The water pump is used for circulationliquid cooler. It is located in front of the cylinder block. The water pump is a body equipped with a shaft and an impeller. Rotation of the shaft is possible due to the transmission of torque through the motor belt.
  • The fuel pump supplies fuel to the engine. It replaced mechanical pumps. The pump is capable of delivering gasoline at a rate of several liters per minute. It also ensures the preservation of pressure in the fuel system. The pump of modern cars is a full-fledged engine, which has a rigid connection with the rotor pushing the fuel. The fuel pump is mounted in the fuel tank of the machine. Fuel at the same time acts as a coolant.
  • The insulin pump is designed forautomatic supply of insulin to the human body, suffering from diabetes. It serves as a pancreas and consists of a small box - an insulin tank, as well as batteries.
  • The ship's pump is a powerful pressure pump, which refers to an impeller or piston type.

Now you know what a pump is, and you can correctly apply any of the values ​​of the word.

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