What is a deposit account and how to open it

Man has the desire to preserve and, moreover, increase his savings. For profit, you need to contact the bank and open a deposit account there. In fact, these are just twenty characters, but in foreign banks the account can contain both letters and numbers. How to open an account? What are the deposits? Which one is more profitable? These questions will be answered in the article below.

What is this bill about?

deposit accountA deposit account is one of the types of bank deposits, the main purpose of which is to place money for profit. There are certain terms on which you can place your savings. The amount you can get depends primarily on the interest rate set by the organization. It can be opened by both legal and physical persons.

When does an account open?

The opening takes place at the time of registration by the client of the bank deposit The account can exist independently, without opening the current one, however, under the terms of the deposit capitalization is still provided.In this case, the percentage will automatically be added to the body of the main deposit. If you have opened a deposit account with a capitalization, a current one will be attached to it, on which interest will be transferred.

Main types

Deposit accounts are divided into several main types:

  1. Urgent. The advantage of this type is a higher interest rate. It is important for the client to know what it opens for a certain limited period. After this time you can remove the accumulated funds.opening an account
  2. Poste restante. Its term is not limited, in connection with which the client has the opportunity to withdraw his money at any convenient time for him. However, the interest rate will be minimal.

How to open an account in Sberbank?

You can open a deposit account in Sberbank using one of the most suitable ways for you.

  1. Recently, the Sberbank Online service is considered to be the most convenient. This saves a lot of time and nerves, because you don’t need to go to a financial institution and wait for your turn. Opening an account can be made via the Internet and carry out the operations you need. Another advantage is the fact that you can use the service at any time, since it is available around the clock.The system is absolutely safe, so you can safely open an account.
  2. You can open a deposit account in a bank branch. An employee of this financial institution will identify your identity using the passport provided. In addition, you will be asked to sign a bank service agreement.

The most profitable deposits

The reliability of the bank and currency guarantees not only the safety of funds, but also a good yield. Sberbank has long been considered the most reliable institution that meets the criteria of profitability and stability.deposit account in Sberbank

Profitable deposits offered by this bank:

  1. "Replenish". This contribution is characterized by the allowed replenishment, but withdrawing is partially prohibited. Cash can be placed for a period of 3 months to 3 years.
  2. Save. It is impossible not only to remove partially, but also to replenish it. The terms of storage of funds - from one month to three years. Interest rate: rubles - 4.40–7.76; currency - 0.30–2.33.
  3. "Multicurrency". This is the most special and interesting contribution, since it opens in several currencies at once. It is thanks to the fluctuation of the rate that your capital multiplies.Replenish it you have the opportunity, but you can not withdraw money.
  4. "Manage." It can be opened in both domestic and foreign currency. From its type will depend on what interest rate will be accrued.
  5. "Universal". You can make any amount up to five years. Interest on this deposit will be charged quarterly.

Sberbank deposits, like any other service, have their negative and positive sides. However, it is precisely due to the large choice that the client gets the opportunity to stay on something optimal. It makes no sense to describe them in detail, since very often the conditions change, and only bank employees can tell you everything in detail.

Opening a deposit account: advantages

If you decide to open a deposit account, you should know about its advantages:

  • the possibility of replenishment through a deposit ATM or cash / bank transfer;
  • interest accrual;
  • receiving a card is absolutely free;
  • possibility of processing a loan. In this case, its size should not exceed 95% of the deposit amount;
  • receiving compensation in case the financial institution goes bankrupt;
  • interest capitalization;
  • free account replenishment;
  • the choice of interest calculation system;
  • in case a loan is issued at this bank, the loan rate may be changed;
  • prolongation of the deposit.profitable deposits

As you can see, the list of advantages is quite impressive, and this means a lot.

The time has already passed when money was kept at home. Now, of course, many are worried about the instability of the economic situation in the country. People are frightened by the fact that a financial institution can go bankrupt. This is not a reason to refuse the services of the bank, since there are payments for this case, which guarantee the return of the invested funds.Sberbank deposits

Nowadays, terminals are installed almost everywhere, problems with deposit account replenishment have become much less, and now you can replenish it at any suitable time. In addition, you can optionally close your account. To do this, you only need to fill out an application for closing a deposit account and deposit.

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