Ways to weave spit fish tail

This season all kinds of braids and various types of weaving are in demand and are popular. One of the original and also the easiest ways of weaving is considered to be a spit called "fish tail". Creating such a hairstyle takes a little time.

fish tailHow to make a fishtail reverse braid - the classic version

1. Moisten your hair a little so that it does not fluff, then carefully comb it with a regular comb.

2. Tie them into the lower tail, which should be secured with an elastic rubber band. It should be noted that in the final stage it will need to be removed.

3. Divide the collected hair into two equal strands.

4. Using your fingers, gently separate the small strand located at the outer edge of one of the previously selected parts, and gently pull it in the opposite direction. Repeat the same manipulations on the other side. It must be remembered that the weaving should be as tight as possible. Then the hairstyle will not fall apart at the most crucial moment.

5. Continue to weave the fishtail, separating the small strands one after the other. It is worth noting that the less they will be, the more beautiful to get a hairstyle.

fishtail the other way round6Remove the elastic gum, which fixed the fish tail, and slightly fluff the hair at the base. This braid is woven quite simply - you can see for yourself.

Unusual interpretation of the spit

The hairstyle called "cascade fishtail" is a slightly modified version of the usual hairstyle. In it, the strands located on the sides are simply added to the braid. That is why weaving at small intervals looks not only beautiful, but also quite original and unusual. This hairstyle will suit both owners of long curls, and girls with hair of medium length.

Weaving fishtail spit reverse is an unusual cascade method

braiding fish tail1. If you have curly or wavy curls, they need to pull the iron. Owners of thin and volume-deprived hair should be slightly fluffed.

2. Moisten hair so that it is easier to comb and better lay down. This is a little easier to create hair.

3. Highlight a small strand of hair near the bangs. Divide it into two approximately equal in volume parts. Separate a thin strand from the left side and cross it with the right.After that, take a small part of the hair on the right side and stretch it to the left side. Continue weaving until the braid reaches seven centimeters in length.

2. Then dilute the braid with strands of hair, selected from the temporal region on the right and left. Then you can continue weaving until the fishtail is five centimeters deep.

3. Add strands on the sides each time until you reach the end of the pigtail.

4. Finally, fasten your hair with a rubber band, combined with the natural color of your hair. It should be noted that weaving of this type should not be decorated with bright and eye-catching elements, as the hairstyle will simply be lost on their background.

Experiments are welcome.

A little practice in the weaving of such a braid, you can easily modify it and create your own, not like other hairstyles.

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