Wart on the tongue - can it be cured?

Jul 17, 2018

Wart in tongue

Viral warts are benign viral origin.They can form on different parts of the body and even in the mouth.Many unpleasant and painful moments are delivered by warts that have "caught on" in the corners of the mouth, on the lines of the lips, and especially in the tongue.


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types of warts

Wart in tongue

warts that appear in the oral cavity can be of two types:

  • Pointed.The definition speaks for itself.Such warts look like a papilla with a sharp tip.Sometimes they grow and become like pale inflorescences.Appear under the influence of the virus of papillomatosis;
  • Flat.Such warts are more saturated color, have a flattened distinct shape, with a flat surface.

Emergence Factors

Infection with viral warts is possible with constant contact with the carrier of the papillomatosis virus and through household items.Outwardly it is not always possible to identify a person who is infected with papilloma.

The appearance of warts in the tongue is due to a number of factors.Here are some of them:

  • Wrong power supply.Often food is eaten with a very spicy and spicy taste.They irritate the mucous surface of the tongue, damaging it.At the site of damage, viruses can "settle" and provoke the appearance of warts;
  • Microtrauma in the tongue.They can form when rubbing against a broken tooth, with an occasional biting of the tongue;
  • Non-compliance with the rules of oral hygiene.The presence of unsanitary teeth and surface cleaning can provoke the appearance of the virus in the oral cavity;
  • Weakened immunity.A defenseless immune system is not capable of counteracting viruses, including papillomas;
  • Nervous Stress.Often a disorder of the nervous system leads to a decrease in the body's defenses.Man can not cope with the disease;
  • Can be transmitted hereditarily.The causes of this phenomenon are poorly understood and do not have clear instructions for preventing the appearance of an ailment.

Treatment of warts

Oral warts can grow and "develop" new territories.People who suffer from this ailment experience pain, discomfort and aesthetic unattractiveness.Often they ask themselves: how to treat such warts?

Wart in tongue

It is almost impossible to remove completely from the body the virus of the papilloma.It is possible only to muffle the process of appearance of new growths and to reduce painful sensations already formed.To do this, several methods are used to treat viral warts in the language:

  • Use of antiviral drugs.They should be appointed by a doctor after the examination and laboratory tests;
  • Surgical excision.It is performed with a scalpel under local anesthesia, as the process is painful.After the removal of the warts, the patient should undergo a regular follow-up at the specialist every six months;
  • Cryodecstruction.Warts are frozen under the influence of liquid nitrogen, and then they are removed;
  • Laser treatment.This method of treatment is the most painless and fastest.After exposure to the laser, there remains a small scar that disappears after a while;
  • Treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs.The effect on warts occurs with drugs containing salicylic or trichloroacetic acid.This method has not proved itself, since after removal of the build-up there remains a scar or a deep scar;
  • Electrocoagulation.

People are looking for more sparing methods of treating warts, using traditional medicine recipes.But home procedures take a long time and often are not effective.

Wart in tongue

The method of treatment should still be determined by the physician and the necessary therapeutic methods should be prescribed.With any exposure, the patient is prescribed a general course of vitamin therapy and drugs that can stimulate the immune system.It is necessary to constantly observe the hygiene of the oral cavity.

You need to be prepared for the fact that with time the appearance of warts can resume.Therefore, carriers of the papilloma virus need to periodically undergo a medical examination.

How to protect yourself from the appearance of warts

There are some rules that will help prevent the occurrence of viral warts in the tongue.The main ones are:

  1. Strengthening the immune system.It is necessary to maintain your health, given by nature: spend more time in the fresh air, lead an active lifestyle, show only pleasant emotions.Balance nutrition by eating more vitamins and fiber;
  2. Compliance with the rules of the sanghygiene.To look after the sanitation of the oral cavity, not to allow the appearance of caries, to turn to the dentist in time;
  3. Complete rest.Night sleep should be sufficient and lasting not less than 8 hours.During this time, the body is able to restore its strength and prepare for new trials.

Do not neglect your health.Many problems can be avoided by paying daily a little time.It must be remembered that a healthy person is pleasant to himself and the people around him.

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