Vladimir Rakovsky: biography and photos

Vladimir Rakovsky is a famous Russian psychologist with many years of experience. At the moment, he is best known as the founder of the site and a series of trainings dedicated to female bitchiness.

Biography of psychologist

Vladimir Rakovsky

Vladimir Rakovsky has a university degree intechnical specialty. He also graduated from the Psychology Department of Moscow State University. His specialization is psychodiagnostics and psychocorrection.

His career developed in various industries. He created and managed several consulting firms and companies, acted as a business consultant. In recent years, I concentrated on individual and group psychological work. Currently, it has become famous as a leading workshops on the theory and practice of relationship and personality psychology.

At the same time, it has the official specialization of the professional rescuer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

Author's trainings

Rakovsky Vladimir

In recent years, the author's trainings, which are made and conducted by Rakovsky Vladimir, are in demand. Most of them are devoted to bitchiness. This term he himself came up with, actively applies.

The most popular training courses"Nutrition: You are the most charming and attractive," "Worship: How to treat yourself and men," "Worship: The path to success, or Between us girls." At the same time he develops detailed psychological courses, conducts master classes on bitters.

Vladimir Rakovsky regularly takes part in television programs and talk shows about interpersonal relationships that help people who find themselves in difficult psychological conditions.

Attitude to work

vladimir rakovski biography

His attitude to the work of Vladimir Rakovsky more than onceexpressed in interviews and on the pages of his own sites. The psychologist believes that he created a certain technology of life. At the same time he does not impose it in any way. He does not give any advice and recommendations until he is asked about it by the people themselves.

His main task, he sees help in the correct formulation of basic life issues that can help to establish personal life.

However, a person does not receive specific ready-made recipes, how to change his life. After all, all cases are very individual. In the end, everyone should find answers to their own questions.

How will stigma help?

psychologist Vladimir Rakovsky

Psychologist Vladimir Rakovsky guarantees that his author's training in bittersweet for 5 weeks will save you from most of the problems in your personal life.

Total participants of the training will have to go togetherwith the guru five steps. Each of them consists of three classes, which are held in the evenings. First two training sessions, in which theoretical studies are combined with practical ones. And then every Friday a special event that starts at 22 o'clock. It takes place in a free and relaxed atmosphere.

For starters, says Rakovsky, you need to masterthe first stage of bastardology. Each participant of the training will have to understand how she treats herself and the men around her. You need to establish a strong relationship between what kind of person you are now and what your personal relationship is based on. Determine what roles have to play in this life, as well as why everything does not turn out the way you would like it or you imagined it. It is important to learn how to select the right roles for obtaining the desired result, in order for a man to behave as you expect and wish. In practice, it is necessary to master several fundamental roles - girls, girls and women.

Vladimir Rakovsky Specialist

The second step of the author's training is devoted to the skillbecome the most charming and attractive in this world. Within the practical part of the seminar, great attention is paid to the secrets of the ideal figure and the art becomes the most attractive.

At the third stage Vladimir Rakovsky, biographywhich is closely connected with psychology, teaches how to manipulate men. Following the advice of a guru, any woman will force the gentleman who has approached her to take good care of herself, give expensive gifts and take care. The practical part of the seminars is devoted to strip-plastic, the art of seduction and dating technology.

The fourth step is called by the master himself: "How to seduce, fall in love and keep the men to themselves." Thanks to the knowledge gained at this stage, you will be able to build harmonious and happy relationships for many years.

The final, fifth stage of the training helpssolve the most important and difficult task. Marry the man of your dreams. And not only to play the wedding itself, but to live together long and happily for many years.

Specialist in peat

You need to know that not only the famous psychologist and personal trainer is called Vladimir Rakovsky. A specialist in peat and the famous Soviet scientist is known by the same name.

Vladimir Evgenievich was born in 1900 in theRussian Empire. He was born in Moscow. His name is familiar to everyone who is connected with chemistry. He became a doctor of chemical sciences, a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR.

Biography of the scientist

Vladimir the expert in peat

Rakovsky received a classical education at Moscow State University. He graduated soon after the Civil War, in 1925.

Vladimir Rakovsky started work with a specialistcareer in the institute of peat. Before the Great Patriotic War, he rose to the post of deputy director. A place in the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR was received in 1940. During the war years, continued study of a strategically important resource for the country - peat. In 1942 he was appointed director of the corresponding institute. With a 12-year break, he worked at the head of the institution until 1963. And in the period from 1949 to 1960 he was in charge of the laboratory at the same institute.

In parallel, he headed the department of chemical technology of peat Vladimir Rakovsky. The professor worked in a peat institute in Moscow.

In 63 years, leaving the leadership of peatInstitute, moved to work at the Polytechnic Institute in Kalinin. Today it is the Tver State Technical University. Here Rakovsky headed the department of chemistry. After five years in Kalinin, the hero of our article returned to the capital.

Since 1970, despite his advanced age,coeval of the century, runs the laboratory of peat chemistry at the Moscow branch of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Peat Industry. In this institution he works until very old age, up to 79 years.

Proceedings of Rakovsky

Vladimir Rakovsky Professor

To this day, Rakovsky is considered a majora specialist in the field of chemistry, an advanced researcher of the technology of obtaining and chemical processing of peat. During his scientific career, he wrote about 300 articles in popular science magazines, produced dozens of monographs, he became a co-author of many textbooks for universities dedicated to chemistry. He was the scientific leader of almost fifty doctors and candidates of science.

Two of his fundamental works saw the light in1949 year. These are "General chemical technology of peat" and "Chemistry and technology of primary tar of peat". Ten years later he published a scientific paper titled "Chemistry of pyrogenic processes." Also important is his work "Chemistry and Genesis of Peat", which was published in 1978.

Research interests

Rakovsky's research extended to a wide variety of fields. In addition to studying the genesis of fuel, he deeply investigated the technological and theoretical issues of pyrogenic processes.

At Polytechnic Institute in Kalinin studiedthe theory of coke formation, and also developed options for the use of peat and the resulting products of its processing for the direct reduction of iron ores.

Many of his works were devoted to researchprocesses of thermal processing of peat. They allowed to expand the scope of this mineral in modern industry. Rakovsky's research ultimately served as the basis for studying the properties of peat and its processing products. Many of them remain relevant until now.

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