Vinyl magnet: description, types, manufacturing process

Vinyl magnet is a bright andA flexible product that can be easily attached to a metal surface (for example, a refrigerator). They are made of a special material - magnetic vinyl, which has a small thickness. It's easy to apply an image, whether it's a picture with a favorite cartoon character, a logo, a picture or a landscape. The instance can differ in size and shape.

vinyl magnet

There are firms that manufacture vinyl magnets quickly and efficiently. This is an easy and profitable business.

What are the types of vinyl magnets?

Products are divided according to the purpose. You can offer the following services to customers:

production of vinyl magnets

  • Magnets for advertising purposes. This is a very original thing that can bring new customers. If you give such a magnet to a potential buyer of the goods (customer services), it is unlikely that he will have a desire to throw it away. Unlike a large number of promotional materials, it will take its place on the refrigerator, microwave oven, battery or the system unit and will remind the client, his family and relatives about the existence of the company and its services. This is a kind of long-term advertising for business. You can also make magnets with stock or information about new products.

magnets on vinyl basis

  • Magnets in the form of postcards. This is a wonderful gift, which is suitable for an event of any scale. Some representatives will be able to make an unusual surprise to a loved one. Magnet-postcard will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Magnets in the form of business cards. Simple paper no one is surprised. It is a relic of the past. Strong business cards-magnets can last a very long time.
  • Magnets-souvenirs. It can be a business souvenir with company logo of the enterprise or with the image of the city's sights.
  • Magnets for cars. One of the modern carriers of advertising, which does not spoil the surface of the machine, will leave no traces and will hold even at speeds reaching 140 kilometers per hour. Vinyl magnet is covered with a protective film, so it is not afraid of mechanical and weather effects. It is well suited for advertising on temporary transport, it is equally easy to attach and remove. Magnet on the car is often used as a wedding accessory. It is very original, functional and in demand for the motorcade. The product is made with the names of the newlyweds and wishes. After the ceremony, it is easy to remove it from the car.

What are the advantages?

  • Vinyl magnet can be used many times, it is original and durable.
  • The ability to easily and quickly place on the surface and remove.
  • The magnet can not quickly deteriorate, its surface will remain without a single scratch for a long time.
  • After removal there will be no trace left.
  • On the product there is a special film that protects against mechanical impact.

How are vinyl magnets made?

manufacturing of vinyl magnets Originally purchased magnetic vinylthickness to 0.5 millimeter. The printer prints the image on the material. This is the production of vinyl magnets. So the magnets are made on the refrigerator. When choosing this business, it is necessary to take into account the following features:

  • material for manufacturing is not that cheap;
  • the magnet will not hold fast;
  • The quality and durability of the printed image depend on the printer.

The manufacture of vinyl magnets can be carried outanother way. So, the product can be more reliable if you initially print the image, laminate it and paste it on a vinyl base.

In addition to a computer with a color quality printer, an additional device for cutting magnets is additionally required.

How to make volumetric vinyl magnets?

Initially, a small sculpture is created, to which a vinyl magnet is attached.

The production is divided into the following stages:

  1. The form is selected. It is taken into account that the figure has a convexity only on one side, and with a flat one - a fastening.
  2. The material is selected. Vinyl-based magnets are often made of acrylic, plastic, resin, etc.
  3. The workpiece is created.
  4. The surface of the figure is colored.
  5. A magnet is attached to the flat side.

Such a business is very simple and almostrequires investments. If the owner has original ideas, then all the costs pay off in almost an instant. The biggest requirement is the purchase of quality equipment for production. This is a computer and a color printer (if, of course, this technique is not available).

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