Unobtrusive little things in the house, which head out give untidy hostess

20-11-2017, 13:02

Sometimes, when you come to visit someone, you create a feeling of some kind of untidiness in the house, although things like their places are laid out and no mess is observed. But, after all, the essence is in the details.
1. Household supplies

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Look for towels in your kitchen, tablecloths, tacks and other household items. They may be inexpensive and not new, but they must be clean, ironed and have a presentable appearance. Faded kitchen towels, a tablecloth with stains that are not washed off, worn rags and torn potholders have long been sent for scrap. Mops, brooms, trash can and artillery detergents should be stored in places hidden from prying eyes.
2. Bad taste

Even the most fashionable designer repairs can look cheap and tasteless. The reason for this may be a lack of harmony and an abundance of inappropriate details.For example, the presence of columns, stucco and furniture in the Victorian style in the apartment, the size of which does not even reach 50 squares, looks very funny and ridiculous. Also it is worth refraining from too active prints, crazy furniture of all colors of the rainbow, as well as from mixing all styles in one room.
3. Glorious past

The times when the Czech wall could cause a feeling of envy and admiration have long since sunk into oblivion. Now is a load of the past, which pulls the interior to the bottom. If your apartment still has a grandmother's sideboard, an old cupboard, a dresser and a secretary, your interior is hopelessly outdated and requires urgent renovation. It is also high time to get rid of, or at least hide, the family crystal set, which, probably, had already turned yellow long time ago and fell down with dust.
4. Filled furniture and wallpaper

Even the most stylish furniture looks awful if it is dirty and greasy. The same goes for dirty wallpapers. Cleaning furniture will help dry cleaning, in extreme cases, you need a new upholstery. It is easier with wallpaper, as almost all modern samples normally tolerate wet cleaning.
5. Faded flowers

Fresh flowers give joy and good mood, but over time they fade.As soon as this has happened, you should immediately get rid of the bouquet. Dead flowers not only spoil the interior, but also steal our energy.
6. Stacks of newspapers and magazines

Do not clutter up your desk with a mountain of newspapers and magazines. Keep this reading for years is appropriate only in libraries and beauty salons. If your apartment is not included in the number of such institutions, take as a rule once a week to get rid of the old periodicals.
7. Lovely Baubles

In the modern interior there is no place for a huge number of figurines, soft toys, caskets and family services. All of these are cheap dust collectors that have nothing to do with style. If you still can not say goodbye to the lovely heart baubles, then try to carefully monitor their purity.
8. Wires

In a modern apartment is always full of home appliances, and with it a huge amount of wires. However, the heaps of cords look very unaesthetic and should be hidden as far as possible, especially since there are a lot of ways to do this.
9. Piano

To keep the old piano in a small apartment is very silly and inappropriate. So, if you are not a pianist, and you got the instrument as a gift from your grandmother, try to get rid of it as soon as possible.
10. Shoes

Shoes scattered on the floor can ruin the look of even the most stylish and immaculate hallway. Therefore, in order not to pass for slut, try to organize the proper conditions for storing everyday shoes. This may be a small locker, shelf or ottoman with a hidden drawer.
11. Shabby door

The front door is the face of the apartment. It should not be expensive and luxurious, but it must be clean and neatly painted. The same applies to interior doors. Cracked paint, deep scratches and torn upholstery are the little things that can ruin the impression of even immaculate designer interior.
12. The nuances of finishing

Worn-out wallpaper, faded paint, chipped plaster and other nuances of finishing spoil the appearance of the housing and remind of the need for repair. If large-scale repairs are not included in your plans, try to disguise the existing flaws with the help of furniture and decor items.
13. Dust

Dust is the main enemy of a good housewife. You may not have perfect order and immaculately clean floors, but furniture surfaces must always be wiped out.
14. Dirty curtains

Some people sincerely believe that the curtains should be washed once every six months. This huge mistake can greatly harm the interior and the reputation of his mistress. There is nothing worse than faded or yellowed curtains. So, if you can not provide them with proper care, it is better to replace them with roller blinds or even get rid of them.
15. Dirty bathroom

You may not have a new plumbing, but the bathroom must be clean. In addition, there is a mass of folk remedies, with which you can get rid of dirt, plaque, rust and fungus in the bathroom.
16. Trap for flies

All of the above can be forgiven, but the sticky fly trap is just killing any hint of style and neatness. Try to come up with another way to fight insects, and if you use this monstrous method, then do it when no one sees.
17. Clothes dryer

A bulky clothes dryer or rope with clothes stretching along the living room or hallway will spoil the impression of even the tidiest apartment with a fresh renovation. A washing machine with a laundry function will help solve the problem.If such a purchase is not included in your plans, try to at least regularly remove dry clothes from the dryer and batteries.
18. Dirty windows and mirrors

Windows, like human eyes, are the hallmark of an apartment and they should always be clean and uncluttered. The same goes for mirrors.

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