Two Koreas will unite?

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Historical photo - On April 27, an official meeting was held between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae Ying - leaders of North and South Korea. At the meeting, a peace treaty was signed, which put an official end to the war between the two parts of Korea, Kim Jong-un said he was ready to close the Phungheri nuclear test site in May of this year, and on the summit’s results, the leaders of the two Koreas made a declaration improve relationships and strive for peaceful reunification.
This is what turns out - Kim Jong-un has grown wiser, andVladimir Vladimirovich Putinbecame one less friend? Or is there some kind of trick?
Write your opinion in the comments what you think about all this. Will the two Koreas unite in the end?
Photo: Gettyimages | Bloomberg.

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