Twins. Zodiac sign. Compatibility with other characters

Air passions in the world of the zodiac. Gemini, compatibility with other characters

Perhaps the most restless and ambivalent sign under the control of Mercury. Lively and extraordinary, not tolerating criticism, rudeness and prodding at themselves. In love, as in deeds, as in everything else, Gemini does not seek hard ways. Do not accept jealousy, although the reasons for its appearance mass. Gemini is a sign of the Zodiac, whose compatibility with other signs is determined by the ability of the latter to make compromises, to be a strong and original person. Twins are afraid of excessive emotional partner. The duplicity of this constellation can be explained by the duality of the sign, its ability to "put on" the right mask, adapting to each and every one, but this does not mean that they have no character, that they will always adapt to their partner. To be able to do - things are different, like the sign of the Zodiac Gemini.twins zodiac sign compatibilityCompatibility with representatives of the element of Fire

  • Aries. Very positive couple. Both are cheerful, from life they seek entertainment, joy and pleasure. If Aries is not tired of the original Gemini, then the couple can claim a harmonious durable marriage. In any case, the diplomatic representatives of the air element will always be able to agree. Sexual emancipation of signs in this union also plays an important role.
  • a lion. A successful combination for both. One of the most harmonious pairs of the zodiac. Of course, if the Twins stop their intrigues on different fronts and focus only on their Leo. In turn, Leo will respond with admiration for sexual games and experiments, brought to life by restless Gemini. The last tip: let the Lions dominate the relationship - you will not regret!
  • Sagittarius. Gemini is a sign of the zodiac, compatibility with which is ideal for fire signs, but this does not apply to Sagittarius. Passion for travel, diversity in the sexual sphere, the originality of both is what will make the union harmonious and lasting. Criticism, inconstancy, restlessness - those cons of the pair, over which to work.The trouble is that in this poorly compatible couple hardly anyone wants to fight for a relationship. The duet is good for friendship and creative collaboration. Just as a family union is easily created, it is just as easily destroyed.

Compatibility with representatives of the elements of the Earthtwins sign

  • Taurus. This pair is poorly compatible. Taurus is too boring in bed and conservative in life, according to Gemini, besides he is the owner, and Gemini does not like it when someone restricts their freedom. Mutual discontent secured.
  • Virgo. Impulsive and energetic experimenters Gemini seems to Virgo frivolous and not credible. In turn, the Twins consider the Virgin dull and tedious, do not tolerate her domination. Marriage can be more or less successful only when Virgo is female, and Twin is male.
  • Capricorn. Too different partners are unlikely to live together. The practitioner Capricorn is slow and prudent, Gemini - on the contrary, windy, unstable and energetic. According to Capricorn, they behave provocatively. In bed, too, the picture of incompatibility on the face.

Compatibility with representatives of the element of Airtwins sign

  • Twins. Zodiac sign, the compatibility of which with its sign has every chance to be. And be harmonious. Both are easy going, active and cheerful.True, both easily start a new relationship "on the side" and are not averse to flirting. Marriage has a chance of success.
  • Aquarius. Gemini - a sign of the Air, as well as Aquarius. The same independent and freedom-loving. Passion for adventure, surges in emotions, tenderness and sympathy - everything will be married to two air representatives.
  • Libra. Perfect compatible pair. Both are undemanding, passionate, light and free. Perfect match, happy union.

Compatibility with representatives of the element of Watertwins zodiac sign compatibility

  • Cancer. Gemini - a sign of the zodiac, compatibility with which bypassed the representatives of the water world side, even the Gemini ability to adapt to any person does not help here. Cancer is overly emotional for Gemini. The possessive habits of the first irritate the second.
  • Scorpio. There is no talk of compatibility here, only sexual relations. But this is not enough for a strong connection. Jealous Scorpio will cause a storm of protest. Communication can end in open hostility.
  • Fish. They are too suspicious and distrustful of Gemini. Both signs love to flirt and start a relationship on the side. Relationships are unlikely to be successful and long lasting,although all the prerequisites for this.

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