Tire swan. How to do it yourself

Required fixtures

Served car tires can be given a second life. Rubber with a knife turns out decorative ornaments of a country site in the form of swans. Cut swans from tires is quite simple. For this you will need: bolts for fastening parts, wire and fishing line for the same purposes, paints and a brush for painting the finished product. Tires better to take "bald" as much as possibletire swan how to doworn, or turn them inside out.

Manufacturing process

So, you decided to get creative and make jewelry for your house adjoining site. This is a swan from a tire. How to make a neat and beautiful rubber bird?

First, you need to mark the tire: with a pen, a marker, or a usual chalk, draw on the blank the location of the wings, neck, head, beak. After accurate marking, you can start cutting. Knife for this take the sharpest, with a short blade. For easier cutting the knife needs to be moistened in a soap solution. If the tire has a metal cord, this will complicate matters. Cord sawn hacksaw.

Give shape

Carved wings and neck often bend in the wrong direction. It turns out quite flexible swan of tires. How to make it sustainable? The product can be made stable as follows: a metal plate, arched to the shape of the neck, is bolted to the neck of the swan from the inside. Wings can be fastened with fishing line or aluminum wire.

old tire swans


It turned out the finished product - a swan from a tire. How to make it unusual and original? To do this, cut out the teeth on the perimeter of the wings and tail. The cut figure needs to be painted. Before this, the surface must be degreased and dried - then the paint will lie flat and hold on longer. For plausibility, you can use other materials - foam for the eyes or beak. The resulting swan can be installed on another tire, painted in blue, as if the bird is swimming in the water. As an option - installation of the product on the tube among the flower beds. Thus the swan rises above the plants, and it is better seen.

Painting the finished product

For coloring the resulting bird is better to take water-based paint.To get a white swan, color it completely: inside and out. But you can “start” a rather rare feathered bird - a black swan on your plot. To do this, leave the tire as it is, and paint only the beak in red.

cut swan out of tire


Do you have a home decoration for your own home - a swan made of tires. How to make your site beautiful with these products? Options - the mass. Swans from old tires - the original design of the compositions of garden flowers, you can say, a flower bed. The earth is poured into the body of the swan and flowers are planted. Even better, if your site has a pond. Swan "flowerbed" is lowered into the water - it turns out very beautiful. Flowers float on water with a swan. In some areas, rubber birds are installed directly on the fence.

Tire swan is a spectacular decoration of a country plot, and this also addresses the issue of recycling old tires.

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Tire swan. How to do it yourself 90

Tire swan. How to do it yourself 46

Tire swan. How to do it yourself 34

Tire swan. How to do it yourself 86

Tire swan. How to do it yourself 36