Time to see the First

Yesterday, the first American to make an orbital flight, John Glenn, passed away. In Russia, not even many will remember his name: “someone there after Gagarin”. In our countries, different stories of cosmonautics, each with its own First, its own memory of them. Although there are very few of them living around the world: they have Buzz Aldrin, John Young, we have Leonov, Tereshkova, Savitskaya ... And, perhaps, everything. We were lucky to live with them in the same time. We honor those who have left, who are alive - we honor, write books, shoot films ...

But today I would like to talk not about the First and their time, but about us and our time. It so happened that we will have to say goodbye to everyone, even those who are still well. But this is life and its laws are not yet circumvented. Half a century ago, it was the time of the First, we have the honor to conduct them.
And again my thought is not about that. I propose to think that now the scientific and technological capabilities in many ways exceed the capabilities of half a century ago, but we are not creating the First. The first Russian woman in space. The first space tourist.Can they compare with the first? You can spend ten thousand times as long in Gagarin in space, but if it's just ten thousand repetitions of his first step, then there is no championship here.
With the disappearance of the USSR, we have been given a chance to go the way again, albeit with ourselves: the first interplanetary vehicle, the first lunar rover, the first spacecraft on Mars, the first station on Venus, the first cosmonaut on the Moon. The Russian Federation did not have anything of this, we do not even have the first Russian photograph of the far side of the Moon. Although the first Russian rocket "Angara" is, and it could serve to achieve the above objectives.
The unwillingness to go further The first is not only a Russian problem. The entire world cosmonautics stopped in fear of the realization of the difficulty of conquering the moon and moving on. There are talks about this, experiments are being conducted, there are developments, but all this is reminiscent of honing the technique of swimming on the carpet at a TV with a video instructor. We can, and even want, but here we see no reason to rush into the water.
It’s better to make a film about past First or Future. This we can. And this, in contrast to the cold lifeless moon, will bring income.
Recently met a curious comparison of the lunar manned program and the first round-the-world travel. Between the first Around the World Magellan and the second Drake passed more than 50 years. So it's time for us to equip the second expedition and to the moon.
Space is infinite and there are plenty of places in it for the new First who appear when humanity decides to continue moving forward. And then the time will come to meet them, and not to see off. And such respect for the First Ones is much more valuable than the erection of monuments on Earth.

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