Tile how not to make a mistake in choosing

Repair business is troublesome, it is not carried out every year, especially when it comes to overhauling the apartment. With a huge assortment of finishing materials for the bathroom, the inhabitants prefer tile. Such popularity is due to its qualitative characteristics.

Ceramic tile:

  1. Durable, durable.
  2. Resistant to moisture and aggressive environment.
  3. A wide variety of design solutions.
  4. Large selection of sizes and shapes.

And this is not all the positive properties of this finishing material.

Where to buy tiles for finishing the bathroom?

You started a repair, and do not know where to buy high-quality and inexpensive material? Visit our online store in Yekaterinburg. We sell tiles at an attractive price. Large selection of collections, allows you to bring to life the most daring design projects.

You do not need to go shopping in search of suitable ceramics, just go to our resource and in a relaxed atmosphere with the whole family to choose the right product, and we will deliver it to you, very quickly.

How to correctly choose the tile

The main thing is not to get lost in a wide variety of this veneering material, and to know some of the nuances of choice.

There are some patterns of design creation:

  • When choosing a vertical picture, you need to remember that it visually makes the room taller.
  • Light, pastel shades will make the room spacious, but dark ones will reduce it.
  • A large picture will give solidity to the walls, but at the same time the space will become visually smaller.
  • Gloss can make your bath airy, but you should not forget that such surfaces give a lot of glare from the lighting, and this can make your eyes tired.

Criteria for quality selection

To facilitate the selection process, there are signs that you need to understand.

  1. The box should contain the logo of the manufacturer’s company, and it is desirable that it be known.
  2. It is important to know that the thicker the tile, the stronger its surface, the more millimeters in the tile, the less likely it will deteriorate during operation.
  3. A tile that has a marking in the form of a strip of red or yellow color is defective.
  4. When knocking tiles, the sound should be ringing, it speaks of quality manufacturing.
  5. Moisture resistant.A quality product in contact with water should not immediately absorb it. Water on the surface should be collected in droplets.
  6. The floor tile can be checked for durability, to do this, put it face down on a hard surface and move a little, there will not be any traces on the quality tile.
  7. On the body of the tile, on the back side, there should be stamping with the manufacturer's logo.

In our online store you are guaranteed to acquire high-quality facing material, at a price from the manufacturer. Different sizes and designs, different thickness and texture, all in order to repair the bathroom room turned out high quality and beautiful.

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