The route Vladivostok - Moscow: by train - more interesting!

All people dream. Some people dream of distant seas, islands, beautiful selfies on the beaches of Bali. Others think about vacation in their own country. Who knows, maybe surfing in the bays of Vladivostok will be much more exciting, and the name of the railway station “Yerofey Pavlovich” will intrigue you with a good sound.

To visit the island of Russian and touch the waters of the Pacific Ocean, you will need no more money and energy than for foreign holidays. But then it will be possible to remember with pride how they returned along the route Vladivostok - Moscow. And the train was carrying passengers on the Trans-Siberian Railway through the whole of Russia home.

Vladivostok. Golden Bridge.

Railway: delivery to the place or tourism?

It is hardly possible to find information representing the railway as a separate type of tourism. For example, "Passenger Guide: Vladivostok - Moscow: a train length from Russia." How many new ones could be found out about everything that floats outside the window.

It so happened in Russia that the people perceive rail transport only as an opportunity to get somewhere from somewhere. Students go to the place of study, workers on watch, military to the place of deployment; people go to visit each other, and vacationers - to the place of rest; Numerous tourists go to the place where their tourist routes start.

Why not make a difference? Why not turn an ordinary train ride into an exciting tourist trip?

Trans-Siberian route.

Train Vladivostok - Moscow: how to get through the whole of Russia

Every Russian person at least once in his life should drive on the longest railroad in the world to appreciate the scale of a huge country. There are, of course, other options for movement:

  • The eight-hour flight over the territory of Russia is an elevation of feeling, the ability to observe the earth through a porthole. It is perceived grandly, but somehow it is virtually and expensive.
  • Traveling by car is mobility, autonomy, variability. But for the driver not rest: you need to think about the route, overnight stay, gasoline; And the situation on the roads is unpredictable.

It is better to go by train: safer, more interesting, cheaper! Even better - in the second-class car.So that you can look at compatriots in a new way, hear and see what the people live. This is a real romance!

You can go in any direction. Two trains run:

  1. No. 099 e / 100 e, fast train, Vladivostok - Moscow - Vladivostok every day. On the way - 6 days. 16 hours
  2. No. 002 shch / 001 m, corporate train "RUSSIA" Moscow - Vladivostok - Moscow. Walks in 1 day, on the way - 6 days. 2 hours
Trans-Siberian Railway

Trans-Siberian Road

Transsib is called the Great Siberian Way. The distance between Moscow and Vladivostok is 9280 km.

On the route of the train Moscow - Vladivostok will meet 87 cities, many villages and tiny stations. And everywhere people - many different destinies. The nature, weather and time zones will change several times. 16 large rivers will remain behind, including the Irtysh, Yenisei, Ob, Angara, many streams, lakes and marshes. Scenic sails past the windows of picturesque mountains, fields and forests.

The rhythmic sound of the wheels will liven up by the presence of strict bridge spans and mysterious vaults of tunnels. And what about Baikal? And the smell of omul all over the car? And runaway, like beads, into the distance of the train of oncoming trains? You can endlessly peer into the mysterious Baikal distance.What a huge country, be sure to see with your own eyes!

Expanding horizons

The train Moscow-Vladivostok goes east. Though there is a lot of time, it’s better not to lose.

In this journey you can learn a lot of new things:

  • about the device of the railway;
  • what kind of cars there are: a church car, a flaw detector car, a track meter gauge and a rail lubricator, and even a mobile medical center;
  • about Andrianov Pass before descending to Lake Baikal;
  • about the extreme Angasolskaya loop (7 km bypassing a difficult section);
  • about the station in Slyudyanka, the only one in the world, built of one marble;
The station building in Slyudyanka was built of marble
  • about abandoned ghost stations;
  • that Transsib goes through Tygda, and not through Tynda (Tynda - to the north).

No less interesting to see:

  • a two-kilometer bridge across the Amur near Khabarovsk;
  • Seven-kilometer tunnel near Amur, built in case of war with Japan.

Train "RUSSIA"

Branded trains of the Russian Railways are distinguished by a large number of amenities. The fare to them is more expensive, but it is more comfortable to drive.

Services of the corporate train "RUSSIA" Moscow - Vladivostok:

  • convenient time of departure, the speed of movement is higher than that of the fast train;
  • air conditioning throughout the train, in all cars;
  • modern toilets;
  • shower in the train;
  • special kits for each passenger;
  • bed linen - the best, branded hygiene items;
  • top shelves with pre-made beds;
  • good catering on the train;
  • food delivery service to the passenger seat;
  • retail goods and souvenirs at the conductor;
  • sockets for recharging phones, even in a coupe.

A little advice for travelers: it is better to fly to Vladivostok by plane, and back to go by train Vladivostok - Moscow. Or vice versa.

Go on the road safely. It's never too late to travel.

The best routes of Russia are waiting for you!

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