Biography of Alexander Lymarev

Childhood and family of Alexander Lymareva

Sasha was born in Moscow. His great-grandfather was a folk artist of the RSFSR and worked in a very original genre - he did tricks using a steppe.
He began to teach his grandson his mastery when he was only five years old. Alexander did quite well, so at the age of ten his parents took the boy to Vladimir Kirsanov, who taught him to steppe. Only three years passed, and Lymarev took the third place in the European Championship, participating in steppe competitions. Soon Kirsanov composed a duet in which Lymarev and his other student, Anton Molotkov, were. The duet was called “ParAvoz Brothers”. For seven years, the guys have performed in Moscow restaurants.
Alexander Lymarev in the series SoldiersAlexander Lymarev in the series Soldiers
Kirsanov had a considerable influence on the choice of the Lymarev profession. He advised him to think about the career of an actor. Alexander himself in his interview told me that he was determined to become an actor in high school thanks to the environment in which he lived.He is especially grateful to his teacher of literature and the Russian language, who was able to turn his mind in the right direction. Until now, he remembers the special atmosphere of the office, in which books, writers and literary characters lived.
Young Alexander still did not understand what theatrical stage life is like, but he created in his mind an attractive and at the same time blurred image of that life into which he wanted to “climb”.
Immediately after school, Lymarev became a student of the acting faculty of the Slavic Academy, hitting the course of Y. Arsharov. In this school, he studied for only a year, until he noticed and offered to transfer to the Shchukin School Rodion Ovchinnikov, where he just had his own course.

Alexander Lymareva's acting career: theater and cinema

Sasha, while studying in the second year of college, was invited to play the main role in the film “Hello, capital!”, Which was the last work of director Leonid Maryagin. In fact, he made a film about his own youth, where the hero Seva Moshkina successfully played Lymarev.
Alexander Lymarev in the cultural center Inside
Immediately after filming this movieSasha began working in another film called “Honeymoon”. In this criminal melodrama novice actor again received the main role.

Lymarev in the series "Soldiers"

Alexander became popular after filming in “Soldiers”, where he got the role of Mikhail Medvedev. Many fans of this series still believe that he lost a lot after Lymarev stopped acting in him. The actor himself has repeatedly said that the image he created is completely different from him. For a long time he was recognized precisely by this character, and the actor was not very pleased. In the project “Soldiers”, Alexander starred with such actors as Alexey Maklakov, Oscar Kuchera, Boris Shcherbakov, Alexey Panin and others.
Before these shootings, Alexander did not notice much attention to himself. After it began to learn on the street, sometimes thanked or asked for an autograph. The attitude of the directors did not change at all, even though they were invited to the castings more often, but Lymarev always took part in them on a general basis.
Often they ask him questions about the hero he played in “Soldiers”, they ask if Alexander is like him. Lymarev says he did not serve in the army, but if he was there, he would most likely be similar to Medvedev, who is shown at the end of the film.The actor has repeatedly said that although the hero Medvedev made him popular, he never considered this role to be his calling card.
In the 2006th Alexander again played the main role, this time in the movie of the Ukrainian director. In the Orange Sky, he played the son of the Kiev governor. The actor played the role of Bones in the action-packed tape “Kilometer Zero”, shot by Pavel Sanayev. Another main role of the actor was played in a pair with Sergey Glushko in the film “Ave Maria or the Fee for Love” directed by Vadim Derbenev. In the same period, Lymarev took part in the filming of the TV series “Friend-Alien”, “Wedding Ring”, “Zastava Zhilina”, etc. “Red ice. The Saga of the Khanty of Ugra ”is another film where Lymarev appeared in the main role. The shooting took place in Khanty-Mansiysk in a forty-degree frost.
The actor had to ride a horse more than once, waving his sword. Events take place in the thirties of the last century. In the story of his beloved is the heroine of Marina Alexandrova.

Alexander Lymarev today

The last work of the actor in the movie is the role of Vanya in “Operation Gorgon” and the role of Andrei Bazhan, played by Alexander in the TV series “I will never forget you”. Lymarev is not only shot in films, he can be seen in theatrical productions, among which are “The Most, Most”, “Family Photography”, “Tales of the Old Arbat” and “Barin, it's Time to Marry”.
Actor Alexander Lymarev now works a lot in the theaterActor Alexander Lymarev now works a lot in the theater

The personal life of Alexander Lymareva

Alexander does not think about fame, he believes that if you do your work with pleasure and from the heart, everything else will follow. Attention to his person does not like him, moreover, it bothers him. The actor does not consider himself a public person, very rarely attending all sorts of movie shows. It can be seen at such events only if the premiere of any of the friends.
Actor's main hobby is music. He cannot imagine life without her. Alexander prefers jazz, minimal techno and good electronics. Sometimes in the evenings with friends, he replaces the DJ, using vinyl, which he has kept in considerable quantity.
The actor does not watch TV at all, considering that it forms a sick consciousness in people, moreover, Alexander has not had a TV in his house for several years. Films he recognizes mostly foreign.For him, the genre is not important, the main thing is that the plot clings to it, so that there is a basic interesting idea. He likes to note how visual images are conveyed, what is the degree of their impact on the viewer.
Alexandra girl name is Maria. They live together. The young people decided that they would legalize the relationship if they thought about the children. The actor is familiar with Masha from school.
Lymarev has a dream - to make a film, a short meter, to act as a director. The actor believes that this is a good opportunity to create your own world.
For fans, Alexander is calm. In social networks, he is there, but he communicates there exclusively with his friends and with those with whom his life somehow clashed him. He does not like casual dating, avoids them.

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