The most popular and unusual sights of Rome

Italy is an amazing country with a long history. It is worth to come here at least once to see with your own eyes architectural masterpieces, the creations of the bestRome Attractionsartists and sculptors. As in any other state, the capital of Italy is a city in which you can see the most famous monuments of ancient architecture, as well as plunge into the unique atmosphere of the eternal city. What sights in Rome can not be ignored?

A bit of history

The Italian capital is not only a very beautiful city. He is rightly considered one of the main centers of civilization. No wonder they say that all roads lead here. Founded in April 753 BC. e., he experienced the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, fires and floods that could not wipe him off the face of the earth. Each time he literally revived from the ashes, becoming only more beautiful a century from a century. Three millennia there is the Eternal City.Here it is easy to find the ruins of medieval buildings and the remains of temples that appeared at the dawn of a new era.

Main attractions

main sights of RomeEven a simple listing of popular places in this city will take some time. The main attractions of Rome: the ruins of the Colosseum, where gladiator fights were fought, and the majestic Pantheon, where magnificent worship services took place. Countless fountains, decorated with magnificent sculptures and art galleries, where you can see the works of the best artists. You can not come to Rome and not visit the Vatican - the smallest state in the world, known, perhaps, to everyone. It is impossible not to stop in the heart of the city - in Piazza Navona or walk past the grand Baroque staircase leading to Trinita de Monti, called simply “Spanish” by the citizens. You can touch the ancient history on the ruins of the Forum, which has long been the center of Rome. No less attractive and interesting is the Capitol Hill, on which the temple of the same name is located.

Unusual places worth visiting

sights in romeIf you are bored with traditional tourist routes, pay attention to the places that are not always included in the excursion program.The most unusual sights of Rome can be seen if you look at this city from the other side. Among them are not only little-known ancient monuments, but also modern buildings and public places of the city. These include “cat shelter” and the famous Roman flea market, the Museum Centrale Momtemartini and the church of Ignatius Loyola with a gloomy cemetery. Young people can take the San Lorenzo district as a landmark of Rome, where the most extraordinary and shocking residents of the city gather.

"Mysterious door"

As an unusual attraction of Rome, you can see the keyhole in the door, located on the square of the Maltese Knights of the Aventine Hill. Thousands of tourists daily come here to see what it hides. The secret is quite simple: behind the door offers a magnificent view of the Vatican, Italy and the state of the Order of Malta. Where else can I immediately look at the three countries?

Square "Colosseum"

The amazing building, built in the 40s of the last century by order of Mussolini, impresses with its forms: it is a giant cube with numerous arches. It acquired its name due to the striking similarity with the architecture of the ancient Colosseum.Deprived of any decorative ornaments on the facade, with the exception of four sculptures in the corners, it nevertheless attracts the eye.

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