The maid is important, where left Lena Miro

Famous people fall into two categories. They know the first in their affairs: politicians in their work, writers in their books, articles, a good blacksmith in the stigma he puts on the sword he forged.
Well, and so on.
Ask now what was the name, for example, of Abraham Lincoln's wife - very few people will answer right away. But everyone knows that this president has achieved the abolition of slavery. Or again - you all know the works of Dostoevsky, but what about the name and patronymic of his wife? That's it.
It is important for maids where Lena Miro came out of people, Buzova, life, personal, her own, her own, which, for example, the rule came out, to do, cowards, to demonstrate, her own, conditional, PR, life that who know

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The second category of famous people is known to the public not by the result of their labors, but by the fact that they are throwing out their panties.
A typical example of this - Buzova. First, she builds relationships in front of the camera in a public show, House 2, then PR as Tarabuzik, the wife of a football player, and then weeping all over the country that her husband left her.
What did Buzova do? Nothing. And what are they known then? Only personal life, which annoyingly demonstrates to the public.
Do you understand the difference? I'm sure now - yes.
I am impressed by Putin, who once said that "he has always disliked people who walk around with their erotic fantasies and put their snotty noses into the private life of another person."
I disgust Buzova, who has achieved fame, showing the contents of his pants.
Real people have a rule: not to demonstrate their personal life, but to do only their own business.
Decent people also have an ironclad rule: do not discuss the personal life of a person until he himself speaks about it.
Well, for example, the conditional Ivanov doesn’t want to talk about his wife, so no one has the right to pop his nose into his bed. And vice versa, if the conventional Sidorov is being promoted in his intimacy, then here you are, take it and discuss it.
Whoever does not follow this rule, he reminds the maid of a third-class hotel, who rummages in the bedding of a star who accidentally got into the room. His personal life is not, so at least touch a stranger.
I am sincerely sorry for those maids, whose New Year did not begin with the love of their children, spouse, parents, not with communication with their friends and relatives. Not from walking, having fun, but popping snotty noses into privacy,which they are not going to show.
On the one hand, I have been cooking in the PR topic for a long time and understand better than you what profits could be had here. But I am not Buzova, not Sobchak or Borodin and will never do that. I am interested in my work, my thoughts, articles, ideas, and not those with whom I fuck.
I don’t even ask you to keep my personal boundaries for which I don’t let anyone. I only advise you to respect yourself and not to dig into someone else's suitcase.
Well, scorch after all, you donated yourself with the guts - really, really, where did Lena Miro go or not - the main event of your holidays and what is in your life?
However, the maid is forgivable. I even sympathize with them, although I want to wash my hands.

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