The Kremlin Armory: photos and reviews of tourists

The Armory of the Moscow Kremlin is known to the whole world as a unique museum of military equipment. However, it also keeps royal clothes, objects made of gold and silver, as well as many original products made not only by Russians, but also by European and Oriental craftsmen. Since 1960, she became a member of the Moscow Kremlin's State Museums. And from 1962, the Museum of Russian Applied Art and Life of the seventeenth century was opened in the former Patriarchal Chambers. This is a branch of the Armory.

The Armory in Moscow

A bit of history

The first mention of this amazing museum is found in the annals of the early sixteenth century. They tell about the terrible fire of 1547, which destroyed all the treasures, including the ancient military weapons.

At the time of Ivan III, the Armory played a slightly different function and was called differently - the Great or the Tsar's treasury. Geographically, it was located in a large building located in the space occupying the space from the Blagoveshchensky Cathedral to the Archangel Cathedral. During the reign of Peter the Great, a workshop was created at this place.Here the emperor was entrusted with collecting valuables.


In addition, Peter was instructed to transfer to the workshop workers all the valuable or even funny things. But another fire in 1737 destroyed most of the weapons, including those items that went to the museum as trophies after the Battle of Poltava. However, to the delight of his contemporaries, the Tsar's treasury still survived.Armouries

A few decades after the fire destroyed the valuables, all the remaining exhibits were transferred to the Terem Palace. It was built by decree of Tsar Alexander I in 1810. However, the building in which the Armory Chamber was to be located in Moscow was very damp: it was not heated for reasons of fire hazard, and therefore many treasures had to be restored later.

During the Patriotic War in 1812, all valuables were exported to the territory of Nizhny Novgorod. They returned to the building in which the Moscow Armory is located today. It was built in 1851 by the architect K. Ton.

Big Treasury

During the reign of the False Dmitry, from 1605 to 1607, the Armory Chamber was almost completely ravaged.Even after the overthrow of this ruler, valuables continued to be squandered. Due to the lack of funds, Vasily Shuisky, who replaced Falsdmitry on the throne, was forced to melt precious items from the treasury of the Big Treasury, as the museum was then called, into coins.

During the years of the Polish-Lithuanian intervention, it was again emptied. However, only a few days after the liberation of Moscow, work began again in the Kremlin workshops. It was in the middle of the seventeenth century that they experienced their heyday. After that, their fame began to decline, because at the behest of Peter I, all the best artisans were summoned to St. Petersburg. However, despite this, the Kremlin treasury was not deprived of attention.Moscow Armory

After winning the battle of Poltava in 1709 on the orders of Peter, the Kremlin Armory Enriched with captured Swedish flags and weapons. And in 1718 the premises of the treasury were renovated. They were furnished with oak glazed cabinets in which the exhibits were to be stored. In 1720, too, on the orders of Peter, Prince Odoyevsky, a check and inventory of the Kremlin treasuries was carried out.And after that, it was decided to organize their protection.

After the October Revolution

In 1917, numerous works belonging to private collections were transferred to the repository, as well as those that were in monasteries and temples, including the Patriarch's vestry in the Moscow Kremlin. At the end of 1924, the Armory, which was then called the Museum of Applied Arts, opened its first exhibition after the revolution. A year later, by the decision of the Academic Council, the first scientific collection of works devoted to the meeting was published.The Armory of the Kremlin

The activity of this oldest museum in the country, which consisted in a thorough study of its exhibits, was suspended with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. All collections that were kept in the Armory, in June 1941, were exported to the Urals. There they were kept until February 1945. In the summer of the same year, they returned to the museum building and appeared before the visitors.


Despite its name, the museum stores not only monuments belonging to the military arsenal. The Armory in Moscow demonstrates to its visitors both state ancient regalia, and church and royal ceremonial clothes.One of the largest collections of gold and silver items in the country belonging to Russian craftsmen, luxurious fabrics, ancient carriages of kings and emperors, as well as horse furnishings are exhibited here.

However, the Kremlin Armory Chamber received its name primarily due to the fact that here, in the workshop, there were specialists who produced a convenient and lightweight weapon with high combat characteristics. A little later, the icon-painting joined her, in which F. Zubov and S. Ushakov worked.

Here you can see the layout of a knight sitting on a horse. He is clad in armor. Total Armory exhibits about four thousand unique items of Russian decorative and applied art. There are exhibits brought from Europe. Their value brought the museum world-wide fame.

The most famous exhibits

Academician Likhachev at one time said that the Armory Chamber is not only a treasury, but also a materialized memory of the Russian people.

Throughout its history, the museum has been replenished with valuable items: war trophies, gifts and valuable finds.One of the most famous relics is the “same” Monomakh hat. It is decorated with sable furs and precious stones. It was she who was crowned to the throne of the great princes of Russia.Armory mode of operation

Visitors are invited to look at the famous double throne, in which fifteen-year-old Ivan V and ten-year-old Peter Alekseevich, the future great Russian emperor, were crowned. The unusual thing about this item is that it has a small room with a door. According to one of the legends, in it hid the one who had to tell the brothers what to say. And on the other, those who were not allowed to attend the ceremonies were hiding here. Unusual and the throne of Ivan the Terrible, which is also proud of the Armory. Photos of this unique exhibit testifies to the excellent work of the masters who made it. The throne is lined with plates made of ivory, on which various images are engraved.


Total Kremlin Armory has nine rooms. The first two exhibit gold and silver items belonging to Russian masters. In one of them are exhibits dating back to the twelfth and seventeenth, and in the other to the eighteenth and twentieth centuries.Work of the Armory

In the third and fourth halls are ceremonial weapons.The exhibits are divided according to the geographical principle: in one there is Russian armament, which was used from the twelfth to the nineteenth century, in the other - the European and Eastern elite military weapons. In the fifth hall are presented silverware, in the following - precious fabrics and sewing. There is even a secular costume dating back to the last century.

In the hall of the seventh you can see the ancient state relics. Here are the items that were used during the ceremonial ceremonies.Armory of Moscow Kruml

The Armory, the photo of the exhibits of which is striking in its luxury, is famous for its collection of carriages and horse furnishings. Before these exhibitions are constantly a lot of people.


The Armory Chamber offers its visitors a unique opportunity: each of them can use a unique audio guide. It is issued to visitors at no extra charge and allows you not only to see the entire museum plan, but also to individually listen to information about any exhibits on display. Usually the time allotted for the excursion - one and a half hours - is not enough for a person to have time to calmly examine all the treasures of the Armory.And it’s not necessary to know all the information of interest about them. Therefore, many visitors often look at the last halls only with a quick glance.

But now, to the aid of those who are interested in the treasure-house museum, has come a pocket personal computer - an electronic guidebook. A person can bring to the display not only the layout of the floors and halls of the Armory, but also the images of all the windows and exhibits located in them, as well as in calm conditions to listen to full information about them.

How to get there

Arriving in Moscow, many tourists express a desire to see the exhibits, which exhibits the Armory. The mode of the museum is as follows: it is open every day, except Thursday. The Armory is located on the territory of the Kremlin at Manezhnaya, 7/1. You can reach it by metro, going out to the station "Teatralnaya", as well as "Alexander Garden" or "Borovitskaya".

The work of the Armory is carried out in such a way that sessions are held at ten, twelve, fourteen and sixteen hours.


Armory photoMany museum visitors admit that they have come here not for the first time.Moreover, as evidenced by the reviews, each subsequent time is more interesting than the previous one. The Armory, the mode of operation of which is known not only to Muscovites, but also to tourists who come to the capital, is visited even by families. This wonderful museum is interesting to all age categories. Adults like silver and gold products, as well as a huge collection of weapons, children - the crews of kings and dresses of empresses.

Electroguids cause a lot of positive feedback from visitors - very convenient cognitive devices, which greatly facilitate the tour. Some complain about long queues for tickets that cost about eight hundred rubles. But it seems to their opponents that in order to see such a number of unique treasures, you can both stand a little longer and pay more.

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