The key to the mystery

Stas Sadalsky, Vladimir Zeldin.
Once, together with Vladimir Mikhailovich, we starred in a fantastic drama based on the film-telling of the Strugatsky brothers "The Temptation of B."
- played by members of the immortal sect, owning the secret elixir of eternal life.
Good movie, look, on occasion.
An excellent cast is Oleg Borisov, Natasha Gundareva, Sasha Pashutin, Lembit Ulfsak.
Vladimir Zeldin
Zeldin was already seventy-five years old, but he was younger than all of us - in temperament, susceptibility, and then why not dissemble - in physical form.
And, like no one, suited for his role the immortal Prince.
It seemed that he already comprehended the secret of eternal youth.
Valentina Telegin
And in these sad days I remember the story of Valentina Telegin all the time.
During the war, she, like Zeldin, often traveled with front-line concert brigades to perform in front of soldiers.
Many artists in those years rushed to the front, but they were not let go, arguing that they needed more space, that art was also a kind of weapon, and no less important than a machine gun.
So one day the commander of one division, where Telegin was speaking, told her: "I don’t know how to explain to you, but still we are all sure that the actors are close - death is far away."
Vladimir Zeldin
These words are the key to the mystery.
Zeldin, as well as all true artists, was held only by the stage, only by the auditorium and by favorite spectators.
How about Belinsky's theater? "Live and die in it."
So this is not about us - do not die.
Come to us, we will be members of one "sect of immortals".
Live and be happy.

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