The eastern calendar.1989 - what kind of animal did they welcome?

Judging by the Eastern calendar, every yearcorresponds to some representative of the animal world and, accordingly, assumes the qualities of this animal. For example, 1989 - which animal was greeted with the coming New Year? It was the year of the Earth-Serpent. Born in the year of Snakes are divided into two general types: some of them are wise and calm, and others - slippery and insidious. Nevertheless, there are common features for all "snakes": caution, the ability to manipulate people, the passion to make scandals.

If a person's date is listed as a datebirth 1989, what kind of animal does he represent on earth: a snake wise, prone to philosophy or dangerous and poisonous? The leader who will hire him to work, it's just necessary to know, otherwise conflicts and conspiracies among subordinates can not be avoided. Snakes usually like to stay in the shade, do not trust others and rely only on themselves. They do not like to risk, therefore they need a quiet and stable job. By the way, snakes are good leaders, because they know how to plan, have excellent intuition and are very observant.

In terms of family, too, everything is not unique. If you want financial well-being, then not for you is a life partner whose date of birth is 1989. What kind of animal would you like to have in your house? If your goal is to find yourself a soul mate who will bring money and comfort to the house - then this is not a snake, obviously. Although she certainly has her own advantages, and you are not threatened with starvation - the snake can still save money. True, mainly due to stinginess and austerity. And more: it is very dangerous to conflict with representatives of this class, they need to be able to hold a blow.

So, if a person is in your environment, the datewhose birth is 1989, what kind of animal will you have at your side? This must be clarified before it is too late to draw any conclusions. We must also take into account that snakes are excellent indicators. That is, it is from his internal state that his behavior will largely depend on him. If you are a person calm and balanced, most likely, you will be quite comfortable with the representative of this sign. After all, the snake will also not be aggressive towards you. But if you are an explosive person and very emotional - beware of such a neighbor!

With your character you will be more suited to partnersa man born, for example, in 1987. What animal do you get into your sphere of communication in this case? It's the Cat or the Rabbit. The animal is pointed, conscientious and conservative. Representatives of this sign are melancholic and sentimental, ambitious, modest and restrained. They are benevolent and refined people, hospitable and with good taste. But, nevertheless, they have one significant drawback - it's superficiality. One can not attribute to the merits the lack of the necessary responsibility before the family and love for children. So, if you decided to connect fate with a representative of this sign - it's worth thinking.

If your life has already taken shape, you have found your ownthe second half, and are very pleased with their choice, then, of course, with time will come the desire to give birth to a child. To this many people approach very responsibly - they start to refuse bad habits in advance, optimize their diet, choose the most suitable time for conception. After all, it is very important, in what year the baby will be born, and what kind of qualities that nature will bring to nature. For example, if you planned to have a baby in 2016 - what kind of animal will you get into the family? It will be the representative of the year of the Monkey, the animal agile, cunning and mocking.

Monkey does not like to be responsible forshe is responsible only for herself. But she can not refuse the activity, the ability to make decisions and wit. A child born in the year of the Monkey will be the favorite of the public. This sign will give him friendliness and sociability, courage and resourcefulness. The monkey is quite democratic and loves to live in pleasure. Too serious matters are not for her. With the Monkey, you can easily get along, the main thing - do not go into her sphere of habitation and give her the freedom to live the way she wants.

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The eastern calendar.1989 - what kind of animal did they welcome The eastern calendar.1989 - what kind of animal did they welcome The eastern calendar.1989 - what kind of animal did they welcome The eastern calendar.1989 - what kind of animal did they welcome The eastern calendar.1989 - what kind of animal did they welcome